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Gig Review: Within Temptation / Ego Kill Talent – O2 Guildhall, Southampton (14th November, 2018)

Review by Charlotte Withingham

Given Within Temptation’s sterling reputation to deliver live shows with a quality sound, it’s no wonder there was popular demand for an extra UK date. The tour date in question was for Southampton’s O2 Guildhall and it was their first time here. Judging from the reception they received, it is more than safe to say they will be welcome back again.

Ego Kill Talent (c) TzW Photography

Ego Kill Talent (c) TzW Photography

There was quite a bit of time between doors opening and the opening act taking to the stage. This provided the punters the perfect opportunity to browse the merchandise stall, grab a drink and discuss what songs they wanted to hear. Not to mention securing those all-important spots to witness their heroes up close.

If Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains had a baby then Brazil’s rising rock stars Ego Kill Talent would be it. It was clear to see that this opening act had talent and passion for their music. Their performance also consisted of boundless energy and you got to give respect to lead vocalist Jonathan Correa. Getting a large crowd’s attention without the need for a microphone takes great skill.

The music consisted of great beats that kept the crowd ticking away. Their performance received a mixed bag of reactions. The sound system didn’t seem to do their live show any favours. For those new to the band, it was hard to make out a melody in some parts of the show due to heavy bass tones. That doesn’t mean they didn’t deliver a great show. Their performance as a whole contained the right amount of passion and energy. It’s also safe to say that they display a showcase of promising talent that the UK are ready for.

Within Temptation (c) TzW Photography

Within Temptation (c) TzW Photography

As stated previously, Dutch symphonic force Within Temptation have a sterling reputation for live shows and Southampton’s show was no exception. Judging from the eagerness within the crowd, this was a highly anticipated show.

They opened with some new material from their upcoming album Resist. You could tell from the crowd’s stance that they weren’t sure how to take them in. Nonetheless they had enough power and punch to perhaps convince enough attendees to pre-order the new record. Their single “The Reckoning” went down the best out of the new songs. It wasn’t all new material; the band picked a brilliantly sized handful of classic favourites that the crowd could sing along to. Even Sharon Den Adel said herself that it was time to sing along before launching into the belters “In The Middle Of The Night” and “Stand My Ground”.

Within Temptation (c) TzW Photography

Within Temptation (c) TzW Photography

What was a lovely surprise for the crowds that night was being able to witness the stripped down “Forgiven”. Along with the starlight backdrop, this rendition was greatly received by crowds all across the Guildhall that evening. This song along with others demonstrated the excellent calibre of Sharon’s vocal work. Alongside this hidden gem, there were other fan favourites. Songs including “The Promise”, “All I Need” and “Paradise (What About Us?)” were also welcomed by crowds across the venue with open arms and rock horns.

Closing numbers “What Have You Done?” and “Stairway To The Skies” made for a great finale to the end of a spellbinding show. It is safe to say that those that experienced this magical night that the love for this band was reignited. So much so, they are counting the days until their newest record is released.

Photos by Tomasz Wrobel Photography

Within Temptation: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

Ego Kill Talent: official | twitter | instagram | youtube

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