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Gig Review: M2tM London 2019 – Heat One (18th November 2018)

Metal 2 The Masses London returned on Sunday 18th November at The Big Red in Holloway in North London, hosted once again by Monsta Ents. Metal 2 The Masses is a series of events up and down the country offering self-signed and unsigned bands the opportunity to play at Bloodstock Open Air Festival; the UK’s biggest independent metal festival. One winner from each region will win a slot playing the New Blood stage at the festival.

Enterfire (c) Shotison Media

Metal 2 The Masses is a strict non-pay2play competition, so all the bands are judged purely on their musical talent rather than how many tickets they can sell. It is a great initiative to help support unsigned metal bands as well as the local music scene. Last year Dead Before Mourning were crowded champions of the competition, with The Brood taking home second place.

Heat One of M2TM London 2019 saw four London bands battle for two places in the next stage of the competition; Enterfire (melodic metal with trash influence), Hand Of Doom (old school death metal meets doom with thrashy grooves), Kilian Noise & The Friends of Dark (Kilian Noise on guitar/vocals together with Olivier Legat on bass and Rémi Garrier on drums playing NWBHM), and Sun Seth (modern heavy metal band who made it to the Runners-Up All-Dayer in last year’s competition).

Hand Of Doom (c) Shotison Media

After all four bands had played and the judges had deliberated, this week’s winners were Enterfire and Hand Of Doom, who will both progress to the next stage of the competition.

Next week M2TM London is back at The Big Red as four more bands battle for the chance to play Bloodstock festival 2019. Get all the details here.

Photos by Shotison Media

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