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Gig Review: Warrior Soul / Conjuring Fate – The Diamond Rock Club, Ballymena (24th March 2018)

Northern Ireland metal band Conjuring Fate were the support act for the mighty Warrior Soul. As they took to the stage for the first song, ”Darkest Days”, the crowd was up and at them.

Conjuring Fate (c) Pete Agate

Tommy Daly (vocals) alongside Phil Horner (guitar), Karl Gibson (guitar), Steven Legear (bass) and new drummer Niall Mgrotti were on top form riffing and thumping through song after song from their album Valley of Shadows. They ploughed through standout tracks like ”Marching Dead”, ”House on Haunted Hill”, really piling on the stage antics they are known and much loved for. Finishing the set with ’’Trust No One” and ”Mirror Mirror”, they left the crowd in perfect form for the headliners Warrior Soul.

This 4-piece band from America fronted by Kory Clarke have an alternative classic rock/metal vibe. They’ve been around since 1987 so no strangers to putting on a live show. The stage was taken up by Christian Kimmett (bass guitar), Full Throttle (guitar) and Michael Branagh (drums) as Kory leaped on to the stage peeling into the first track ”American Idol”. The crowd was front and centre (and around the sides).

Warrior Soul (c) Pete Agate

Chris and Full played their guitars like they were born with them attached as they rocked through ”Black Out”, ”I’ve Got the Rock” and a whole host of others, all played at (ahem) Full Throttle and heavy as hell. Encouraged by Michael’s ferocious tub thumping and Kory’s rasping vocals the crowd was headbanging and dancing like there was no tomorrow. Even with a slight technical hitch with the drummer’s foot pedal, the band played every song with heart and ‘soul’.

Finishing the set with ”Ghetto Nation” and a superb rendered encore of ”Rotten Soul”, it’s not a night I nor anyone who was there will likely forget in a hurry.

All in all, an extremely enjoyable (and loud) Saturday nights entertainment.

Photos by Pete Agate

Warrior Soul: official | facebook

Conjuring Fate: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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