Gig Review: King 810, Glasgow King Tut’s (20th Feb 2018)

King 810, where to start with this Titan of a band? I’ll start with the only things that were not quite up to par. At some points during the night it was hard to hear David singing and the lack of guitarist left the sound feeling a bit empty. Though there was a guitar track I assume through the PA. Personally I didn’t feel like the main support quite fit the bill, nothing wrong with them just not what I expected, those few things there were the only issues I feel held the night back a little.

The Courtesans (c) Watchmaker Studios

David has an extremely recognisable voice in that when you hear him singing/talking, you don’t hear him, or listen to him… you feel him. I’ve never known anyone to have this effect on me, I’d refer to their songs as stories because each and every word is true. It’s something he’s experienced and that pain or anger or whatever emotion is perfectly conveyed by his deep dark voice. The only difference with them between live and studio is how much you feel – at home listening to their CDs I sometimes find myself taken aback with goosebumps. Live? That is amplified ten-fold.

King 810 (c) Watchmaker Studios

The band enters one at a time to their track “Heavy Lies The Crown”. Starting with Andrew on the drums hitting very hard and overtaking the PA, followed by Eugene on the bass with some dark sounding notes over the drums and finally during a build up in the track David enters and the first thing you will hear is one of his very distinctive screams before continuing with the song. This hypes the crowd like nothing I’ve ever seen. It felt like the crowd and the band were one – like a family – and that is something not a lot of bands can accomplish.

Though not to everyone’s taste, nobody can deny the raw energy and emotion King put into their live shows with never with a dull moment. Every single person in the audience singing along to every word, it’s truly a sight to behold. It’s easy to notice that David in particular just has so much of a connection to his music and during their set you feel that connection… and it’s just sheer power.

Photos by Watchmaker Studios


  • Intro (La Petite Mort)
  • Heavy Lies the Crown
  • Alpha & Omega
  • War Outside
  • Murder Murder Murder
  • Vendettas
  • Desperate Lovers
  • Boogeyman
  • Treading and Trodden
  • Give My People Back
  • Fat Around the Heart
  • War Time


  • Intermission (810)
  • Killem All
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