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M2TM London Round 1 Heat 4 – The Big Red (3rd December 2017)

Sunday 3rd December saw Heat 4 of Metal 2 the Masses London at The Big Red in Holloway. So far the competition has been fierce and voting has been a difficult decision for all. Tonight wasn’t any different, with four very good acts to decide between.

Negacy (c) Danni Garner

The night started off with a band who had competed in the last Metal 2 the Masses in London, making it all the way to the semi-finals, the talented Cavina. A heavy metal band originally from São Paulo, Brazil, but now based in London, these guys are metal through and through. Eduardo, their vocalist and bassist, proudly displayed a Cavina patch on the back of his jacket and pin on the front, just to make sure people knew who they were! Their merch was available to buy that night too and I made sure I grabbed a shirt after the show.

As previously when I saw them, they gave it their all on Sunday, plenty of loud head-banging songs and guitar solos from Matteus, and Javier is a passionate drummer who fits in very well with the band as their new addition. If you love Black Sabbath, Motorhead and Metallica then definitely check these guys out.

The band informed me of some very exciting news – in the new year they will be recording a full-length album and touring in May. Back in July I was lucky enough to be invited down to The Monarch In Camden for the release of their new EP Part Of You, if you missed it you can read it on The Moshville Times and they also featured as one of our Bands of the Day.

Next to play were heavy metal band Negacy, the five-piece band showed they were confident, strong contenders for the Metal 2 the Masses competition. They were very clean and well rehearsed, possibly as they have been together since 2005 when they were originally named “Red Warlock”.

Hydra (c) Danni Garner

They toured the US in 2012 and that same year they decided to change their name to Negacy (‘nɛgəsi’). Due to years of growth and different musical directions, they felt the need for a change suitable for the dark modern nature of the band: “Negacy”, a fusion of the words “Negation” and “Legacy”. Marco’s vocals are passionate and loud, he made sure the crowd were entertained and drawn in to the music. Hair whipping and playing guitars were Andrea and Gianni, with Adrian playing bass, and some heavy drumming by Claudio, there was plenty of head banging from the crowd.

You can find their 2015 album Flames of Black Fire on their website. The latest album, titled Negacy, was completely self-produced and Negacy are currently working on the recording sessions of a new album.

There was just time grab a pint before thrash / groove metal band Shard from Guildford jumped on stage. The band was formed by two ACM students, Owen Tomlinson and David Everard, who wished to create thrash metal with a twist. After a long period of turmoil involving several line-up changes, George O’Connor, Charlie Allerton and Charlie Syzmanski were permanently added to the fold.

Shard (c) Danni Garner

They say “Our main motive is to challenge the establishment and express how angry we are at the ignorant, the bigoted and the morally corrupt. We’re never afraid to take risks and let everyone know what we believe is right for our society.”

You could feel that vibe when they were on stage. Vocalist and bassist George, was very active, enticing the crowd in. Their influences include Dillinger Escape Plan, Metallica and System of A Down, but they had a slight punk vibe to them, too.

Last but not least were five-piece band Hydra, describing themselves as “Drunk bastards from London playing death and brutal thrash metal since 2015.” They were a lot of fun to watch, very energetic with a punky loose vibe to them. check them out for yourself on Bandcamp.

There was the usual scuffle to write down votes quickly, as Mick promised to reveal the winners earlier tonight and not to keep us in suspense for too long. Although it wouldn’t be the same without Mick’s banter and Dylan’s sound effects on the decks.

I can reveal the winners going through to the next round are… Cavina and Negacy! Congratulations to them, and well done to the other bands who took part.

Next Sunday (10th December) sadly is the last Metal to the Masses London, until January 21st. But don’t fear that you’ll be at a loss on a Sunday night as, the Sunday Joint is back, rock and metal bands strip back their sound for an acoustic show. This will be on Sunday 17th December at The Big Red.

Photos by Danni Garner

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