KidBrother / Eva Plays Dead / Sick Joy / Projector – The Monarch, London (7th November 2017)

To celebrate the realise of their new single “Moon” on 27th Oct via SaySomethingRecords, KidBrother had a Single Launch Party at The Monarch in Camden!

Kicking the night off were three piece band Projector from Brighton founded in 2016. Demelza plays drums, Edward plays guitar and shares vocals with Lucy, their bassist. Although in their bio they describe themselves as a “heavy space between brooding 80s darkwave and My Bloody Valentine’s wall-of-sound pop; a combination tone of Goo-era Sonic Youth and Pixies pulled together with an industrial Joy Division pulse.” The start of “Dreaming” definitely had a Nirvana tone to it. I liked the mix up of vocals between Lucy and Edward. It made their sound and performance unique.

As their set finished to a huge round of applause, Lucy ended it by throwing her bass on the floor, casually picking up a beer, which received a huge whoops and roars from the audience. You can find Love/Dreaming on Be Pacific Records on iTunes or Spotify.

Next were Sick Joy, also a three piece band originally from Nottingham but now based in Brighton. I noticed the Nirvana influence in their music straight off and even Mykl’s vocals has tones of Cobain. As a big Nirvana fan myself I knew I was going to enjoy their set. Decide for yourself by visiting Spotify. Mykl apologised about having trouble with his new guitar and towards the end of the show, it resulted in him slamming the guitar to the ground and rubbing his foot in it. It’s not rock ‘n’ roll without a tantrum!

I had heard great things from various people about Eva Plays Dead and they certainly lived up to the hype. Tiggy jumped onstage and straight away was dancing to the first song; “Get Back”. Tiggy made full use of the stage throughout their set, climbing onto the amp to sing at one point, then later jumping into the audience to get involved with some dancing. She asked if anyone was getting naked and was quite disappointed that nobody was yet. I’m sure the audience was just a bit shy though. They are currently on tour so if you can go and see them, you will be in for a treat. Or you can get hear their albums Sounds Of the Written Word and Guilt Trips & Sins (I love the artwork on this one) and their singles on iTunes.

Lastly KidBrother; the reason for the night. “An emotionally charged and ferociously energetic five piece rock band that formed in London. Refining a pointed, spit and sawdust sound, performed with an aggressive and honest execution.” I could hear the Brand New and Alexisonfire influences during their set. KidBrother’s performance was enthusiastic and energetic; you could tell they loved being on stage and performing and the audience did too.

You can listen to the new single “Moon” and their other singles on iTunes or Spotify.

Conclusion and last thoughts of the night is; rock ‘n’ roll is most definitely not dead! What an amazing Tuesday night! It was also good to see so many talented women onstage at a rock show.

KidBrother: officialfacebook | twitter | instagram

Eva Plays Dead: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube | soundcloud | tumblr

Sick Joy: facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube | soundcloud

Projector: facebook | soundcloud

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