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Hollywood Undead / Butcher Babies – Showbox SoDo, Seattle (31st October 2017)

It’s 31st October, it’s Halloween. Not only that, but we’re in Seattle and guess what, there’s more. Tonight, Californian rap metalcore, Hollywood Undead are live. First, let me just admit a fault. Not being from Seattle I thought there’s one Showbox venue. There’s not one, there’s two and Hollywood Undead supported by Butcher Babies are at Showbox Sodo the one I’m not at… Whoops.

Seattle bleeds music, a city that’s given the world some of the greatest musicians and bands we’ll ever come across. Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Heart, Jimi Hendrix, Star Anna, Ayron Jones, Tad and this is where Bill Gates lives and Bruce Lee studied.

Back to the music. Here we go. It’s loud inside the Showbox Sodo which looks like a warehouse. As you enter the view is clear. Seeing the band power through tracks, the sound is perfect, it flows through the flailing arms and the Halloween masks.

Tonight, we hear Hollywood Undead. The guys belt through tracks “California Dreaming” and “War Child” smashing many from their Day of the Dead record.

HU bring kids on stage in full Halloween regalia introducing them to the crowd to show tonight is a family event. But please, cover those ears.

Butcher Babies opened for Hollywood Undead. The four piece screamed their way through the night wearing Halloween costumes. The outfits look a bit Village People. Imagine a construction worker screaming into a hot crowd, who lap up their performance and shows why this four piece are going to the top.

Demrick, I have to admit I missed, due to issues locating the correct venue. Demrick is a resident of the hip hop community, working with some of the world’s finest. With him supporting it shows Hollywood Undead have hardcore support in Butcher Babies and the hip hop flow of Demrick. Put the sound together and you can get Hollywood Undead.

This was an evening of vocals being the forefront of the show. The interaction with fans is exceptional. Their followers singing every word. Arms bouncing like a lowrider. The sound is loud, clear and to be honest a venue many bands will want to play at.

Please remember, if you venture to Seattle for a gig at the Showbox… make sure you know which one it is!

Forget “California Dreamin’” as tonight Seattle were alive and screamed with “Halloween Undead”.

Hollywood Undead: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

Butcher Babies: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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