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Bloodthread / Dog Tired / Burning the Dream / Satiracy – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow (6th May 2017)

On 5th of May, Bloodthread released their brand new EP Era of Corruption to the world which will hopefully open a few doors for them. However, one of Bloodthread’s main strengths is that they always play a killer show with utmost professionalism.  Having played the night before in Dumfries, it was Glasgow’s turn at the excellent venue of Ivory Blacks, along with support from Satiracy, Burning the Dream, and Dog Tired.

Satiracy start things off and have a bit of everything to please in their songs with thrash/death/metalcore screaming out the speakers. Satiracy are a young, up and coming band and have only been together for three years or so but are already releasing a debut album.

One thing I love about extreme metal bands is dual vocalists and Satiracy have this combination with guitarist/vocalist Louis able to mix his screams, clean vocals and guttural vocals with ease while bassist/vocalist Callum adds some extra growls here and there, whilst bouncing six feet in the air on stage. Guitarist Tamara shows that females are equally as good as the men on guitar, often losing it on stage and emanating riffs and solos with aplomb.

Satiracy get this gig off to a tasty start and I highly recommend you check out their imminent debut album The Chapters of Pestilence when it comes out.

Dog Tired

Burning the Dream are up next and you immediately notice that vocalist Paul Kelly is missing. Guitarist Greig informs the crowd that Paul has taken ill and is in hospital. Rather than apologise to the crowd and see you next time, they elected to play an instrumental set, so fair play to them.

Burning the Dream also like to mix things up a bit with their music but the stand out thing with this band is their catalogue of riffs. They were at times reminiscent of Meshuggah, but they also have influences from Gojira amongst their own brand of metal. They gave it their all and, against all odds, they pulled it off. That’s the feedback that I got from people that were there and I agree wholeheartedly. We all hope Paul makes a speedy recovery and gets back on the live front soon to be part of another Scottish band that I am sure are destined for better things.

Dog Tired are a band from Penicuik who like all things Machine Head, Pantera and Lamb of God but most of all, they like to play riffs.

Guitarist Luke stomps around the stage as heavy as the riffs, with vocalist Chris getting the crowd to bang their heads. These guys have been at it since 2004 and have released a couple of CD’s independently. We get a taste of their latest offering and highlight of the set for me, “It Came From the Sun”.  Other highlights are the dual vocals of Chris and Luke, with the extremely tight and strong rhythm section of drummer Keef and bassist Barry.

It’s clear to see that all the band’s years of experience have paid off with performances like this. Another band to look into and go and see in a live environment.

Bloodthread have an extremely tough task to undertake after witnessing three excellent support bands. Bloodthread have had a stable line up themselves since 2014, so when it comes to performing live, each musician plays their part in ensuring that the crowd get the best out of them on every occasion.

Once on stage, they soon unleash the opening track of their new EP called “Extractor of Innocence” and it must be said that the entire band are completely up for this from the start. Vocalist Tony is a very talented frontman, changing his vocal style throughout the song on numerous occasions with ease, while playing insanely quick riffs at the same time. He reminds me of a deathlier Jason Mendonca of Akercocke. Impressive stuff. This track emanates brutality with a groove that is infectious, with riffs that you have to bang your head at. After listening to their new EP Era of Corruption on numerous occasions, I have to say that this track is a personal favourite of mine and I was looking forward to seeing it live. Bloodthread did not let me down.


“Bawbag” was next, which has to be one of the best song titles of all time. It’s much faster with blast beats courtesy of Dikie on the drums.  This man is a machine behind the kit, using every inch of his drum kit with speed, precision and frightening accuracy. Bassist Chris is his right hand man and keeps him in line throughout the performance, being a giant on and off the stage.

Unfortunately, similarly to the Cattle Decapitation show where I last saw Bloodthread, Tony again had some microphone issues, I’m beginning to think I am a jinx, but he still managed to pull things off. “For I am the Butcher” brings the groove element back again with Peter introducing the song with a catchy melodic riff, before being joined by the rest of the band.  The song gathers pace, however, still maintaining the groove but the highlight is when Peter does his solo. Dikie just grows arms and legs behind that kit and hits every cymbal, maintaining that groove element.

“Captured in Stone” blasts from the speakers, as the band go back to their more brutal roots, before we are treated to one of two new songs on the night, “Judas Cradle”. This is particularly fast but with groove, with Dikie blasting like a madman and moshing at the same time, while the rest of the band keep everything in unison.  The solos are where Peter and Tony have progressed with the new material over their older songs.

“Castrating Those To Which You Bleed” is next and is a song Bloodthread have played for a while, so we know what to expect. Technical, progressive and brutal efficiency, with groove and blasts in the appropriate places. This is Bloodthread at their peak, with a killer riff to end off the song. This all turns on its head with another new song called “Abomination of Man”, which is just technical brutality of the highest order. Dikie is hitting his snare like a maniac, Peter and Tony’s fingers are burning up and down their fret boards and Chris, being the rock that he is, keeping everyone in check.

Tony thanks the crowd for coming along tonight and they end the gig with “The Tormentor” which is typical Bloodthread – groove, brutality and technicality. Tony’s guitar messes up straight after his solo, which meant that he had to drop it and play vocals before picking up his other guitar. These things happen, but Tony managed to do this without missing a word.

And that was the launch of the new EP. Bloodthread played all four songs on the EP and two new songs showcasing where they are heading next, which can only mean good things for the band.  In fact, all four bands have a bright future on this showing and for only a fiver too. It was well worth coming down to see four outstanding Scottish acts.

Thanks to Kelvin at Ivory Blacks for the hospitality and for putting on the show.  Thanks to all four bands – Satiracy, Burning the Dream, Dog Tired and Bloodthread – for a most enjoyable evening.  Let’s do it again.

Bloodthread: official | facebook | twitterbandcamp

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