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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Wednesday 13 – Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton (1st March 2017)

Known for his horror-punk roots, it was hard to imagine how Wednesday 13 could put on an acoustic tour when all I could envisage was his Murderdoll days. However, I’d heard intriguing things so couldn’t resist popping along to the Slade Rooms to have a listen. Unfortunately, due to a family emergency Rayen Belchere had to travel home so wasn’t there for the Bourbon Crow section, but Roman Surman covered all bases as we were launched into an evening of tales, laughs and songs from Wednesday’s extensive back catalogue whilst the reason for the whole acoustic tour came from “When I played these songs in my apartment my cat liked it!”

Referring to us all as “Boys and girls” he was the perfect host. Engaging, and down right funny when he wanted to be, the crowd hung on every word. Wednesday politely asked the crowd to be quiet, explaining “I turned 40 last year so I’m old and deaf” before segueing into the difference between English and American words and his confusion of “Bollocks is a negative word, but dogs bollocks is positive” and where people actually “Take a piss”.

The evening was interspersed with questions from the crowd, which spurred him on to share more stories; like his regret at never playing with David Bowie, meeting his hero Mark Singer (from the Beast Master film) at the airport and his musical guilty pleasure of the Urban Cowboy soundtrack.

Of course, there was music too, we can’t forget that part! Adorned in his signature black cowboy hat and flanked by fairy lights and crossed shovels on the banner at the back of the stage, his gravely voice actually worked really well in the acoustic setting. Even more surprising was that the songs translated so well into the stripped back style which added even more of an eerie edge to his vocals. We were treated to a huge cross section of material, from Murderdolls, to Gunfire 76 and of course the solo classics.

“Summertime Suicide” was a clear crowd favourite, whilst “My Demise” has been my ear worm ever since hearing it, especially when he then carried the riff through to a bit of Ace of Base, Guns N’ Roses, the Ghostbusters theme and a tiny bit of Spice Girls, before a quick tale of when he once met two of the Spice Girls on Top of the Pops.

When asked about his favourite songs, he explained “They are like my children, I like some of them more than others” before treating us to a new Bourbon Crow song simply entitled “OJ Did it” which is ridiculously catchy.

He was hilarious throughout and what amazed me most was the time he took to actually interact with his fans. His charisma was enchanting and now I really want to see what he’s got up his sleeve for Download.

All photos by Sean Larkin.

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