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Tragedy: All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees And Beyond- Glasgow Audio, 28th Feb 2017

When you hear “Bee Gees” and “metal”, what connection do you make? Well thanks to the incredible talent of a few, you can now make a simple one: Tragedy! An ingenious cover band which revisits all the Bee Gees’ classics (and even beyond) with popular cheesy tunes everyone knows! For the third time I was away to the Glasgow show and the excitement was as big as it was when I was about to discover them for the first time three years ago.

The night (just like in 2016) was without a support which meant a rather long wait anticipating the band coming on stage. Ten minutes before the beginning of the show the members walked up on stage for a sound check and after barely two notes played we heard Peterson say “Thank you, goodnight!” From this moment on the show had already began for everyone. The crowd was laughing and cheering and the excitement grew more and more, Until finally we saw Lance walking up on stage with his red headlights.

All hell then broke loose. The band covered a good number of the best Bee Gees’ classics from “Stayin’ Alive” to “You Should be Dancin” and “How Deep is Your Love” alongside “You’re the One That I Want”, “Africa”, “That’s the Way I Like It”. I, as well as the rest of the crowd, loved every moment of it; singing, dancing, screaming and headbanging (for some).

Even though Tragedy is one of the bands out there bringing together two very different crowds, the whole venue felt as one throughout the night. Myself being a youngling dressed in a very “old school metal” style spent the evening singing arm in arm alongside a classically dressed middle aged woman and this kind of thing could be seen everywhere in the venue.

The show was of course very well animated by the loved and hated Lance, who is always where he should not be and makes the show an even better laugh. Every member of the band love what they are doing and transmit their passion to every single person in the audience, the barrier between artist and crowd was completely down and everyone felt as part of Tragedy. The fan community grows in number and dedication with every year, and no matter what set is played, the crowd will always find themselves connected to the music one way or another.

The best example for all the nights I have seen Tragedy is the “Raining Blood/Men” moment.  The song begins with Slayer’s “Raining Blood” during which all metal fans can be seen singing and headbanging just as they would a Slayer show. Once the song begins, the tone changes completely and everyone (yes, even the metal fans) will be dancing and singing “It’s raining men!”.

Overall there isn’t much else to say other than Tragedy remains an unforgettable experience live, and it’s a band you do not need to be a fan of – you simply need to have heard of the 80’s and even with no songs in mind, you will find yourself engulfed in the joy and complicity of everyone present. I knew Tragedy would never disappoint, and as it seems, they are growing and improving every year.

2018 is so far away already! Glasgow… decimated! (10/10)

Photos by Bluethumb Photography (taken at the Liverpool Show)

Tragedy: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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