Firewind / Manimal / Scar of the Sun – Audio, Glasgow (15th Feb 2017)

Sometimes you go to a gig expecting a certain experience, and you come out with an immense surprise… and this was one of those shows.

The show opened with Scar of the Sun. With a hauntingly mesmerizing entrance the band delivered a show I would only describe as impressive. With melodies and heavy riffs worthy of some of the best melodic death metal bands, and strong powerful clean vocals straight out of the power metal style, the band blended two great music genres in one and were more enjoyable with every tune.

The members all had a strong stage presence of their own and truly communicated their passion to the audience who cheered louder and longer with every song. I must say I am never full of expectations for opening bands but for the first time I have found myself coming home to listen to more of Scar of the Sun. I’m sure I will not be the only one to say that I have definitely been made into a fan this night. (10/10)


What if Judas Priest, power metal and war paint had a love child? The answer came with the next band on stage – Manimal. With once again a very strong “old school heavy metal” presence and piercingly high pitched vocals backed up by heavy melodic riffs, Manimal knew how to transmit a sense of great rhythm. From one song to another the music was impossible not to headbang along to and the band was a ton of fun to watch. With a very close interaction with the audience, the band acquired more cheers and applause as the set went on and just like the previous act, owned a big majority of the crowd. Another band I will definitely be checking out again! (10/10)

After two very impressive support bands came the headliners Firewind. From their first moments on stage, the years of hiatus since the last Firewind shows was reflected in the crowd’s enjoyment. Every song was accompanied by singing, cheering and clapping from the band as well as the audience who seemed to have formed a close bond of mutual appreciation.


The keyboards were unfortunately very difficult to make out throughout most songs and made certain melodies absent during the tunes. Though this was easily forgotten due to the energy of the band, but it did feel like the music was missing an important element at points. With a good mix of old and new tracks, the band had a very varied setlist for the joy of those in attendance.

All members had an energy and enthusiasm which reflected off the audience more and more with every song and left the crowd very satisfied by the end of the show. I had waited a long time to experience a live show from Firewind and not only was I swayed by the greatly enthusiastic headliners, I was won over by both support acts. (9/10)

I must say being familiar with the bands or not, this is a show definitely worth checking out for all. Great discoveries will be made. Even though it is only February I believe I may already have my top gig of the year… But let’s wait and see!

Photos by Amy Harris-Abbott, CE Photography

Firewind: officialfacebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

Manimal: officialfacebook | youtube

Scar of the Sun: officialfacebook | twitter

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