Chelsea Grin / Betraying the Martyrs / Make Them Suffer / Void of Vision – Glasgow Cathouse, 9th Feb 2017

So Thursday night’s gig at the Cathouse Rock Club with my Finnish friend Anna Heikkinen was just the absolute tits. With 4 amazing bands and more than one wall of death taking place it was just insane!

Due to a lengthy queue we unfortunately missed most of Australian openers Void Of Vision’s set but what I saw made me want to check them out again.

Next up, and also hailing from Down Under, were Make Them Suffer who I last saw during the Impericon: Never Say Die tour at the Glasgow Garage in November ’16. They kicked ass at that gig and tonight was no exception. Vocalist Sean Harmanis has the amassing crowd eating out of the palm of his hand as they eagerly respond to his frequent commands of “Get up!” and “Circle Pit!”.

I’d never seen Parisian band Betraying the Martyrs before. However, after the carnage they perpetrated in The Catty I can now say that I’m a lifelong fan! They unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your viewpoint) didn’t perform their cover of the Frozen anthem “Let It Go”. Seeing a bunch of crazies pit to that would have made my year!

The first time I ever saw headliners Chelsea Grin was last May at the Impericon Festival in Manchester and it was slightly bitter/sweet as I was looking forward to seeing a band with 3 guitarists for the first time ever. Sadly, due to Jason’s departure from CG, this didn’t get to happen but that didn’t stop them from delivering an absolutely blazing set! In short however, Glasgow easily beat Manchester in the crowd craziness stakes. A personal highlight for me was getting a fist bump from Alex Koheler as I surfed over the barrier.

I would also like to take the time to apologise to everyone who throughout the whole gig were encouraging me to jump in earlier than I did. Your enthusiasm is a real driving force for me to keep Pit Troll going but as I’ve mentioned before, I treat mosh pits like a democracy. If there’s too many karate kids then that’s obviously a majority decision and I stay clear. Get rid of them and you get more Pit Troll. Simple.

This approach stems from a handful of instances where I’ve jumped into a pit, started moshing alongside hardcore dancers and then been plastered all over social media as a bully. I would be lying if said that whenever I read something like that it doesn’t get to me because it does. It may surprise you to learn that I was bullied through most of high school so to be labelled as something that you actively despise cuts deep. You could rightfully argue that I should just learn to grow a thicker skin, well I’m working on that but what would be helpful in the meantime is anybody who wants to get crazy and mosh with me starts a proper pit so that I can see that I have a green light to get involved.

Until the next time, keep it metal! \m/

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