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Psydoll / Deluded Buddhas / Hoor-paar-Kraat – Bannermans, Edinburgh (20th Nov 2016)


Hoor Paar Kraat

“Does this photographer/reviewer live in Bannermans?” you say. Here we are back at one of the best small venues on the planet for Japanese cyberpunk/techmetal duo Psydoll… but first we have two support bands to enjoy.

First up is not a band in the true sense of the word, but a talented artist nonetheless – Hoor-paar-Kraat (aka Gordon Luke). If you like your music on the abstract side then this is the man for you. I don’t profess to understand how he does it with the vocal backdrop to his music and how he keeps track of all the buttons and dials as he does! But his stuff but it’s pretty mesmerising to watch and not unpleasant for this rock fan to listen to. This boy is good at what he does. If you fancy a wee listen check out his stuff on Soundcloud. I think you may be pleasantly surprised for those of you whose tastes stray in that direction.

Next up are the Deluded Buddhas who I have seen a few times now. Tonight was them on top form. They describe themselves as the founders of “mellow chunk dance rock” and you know it suits their style.


Deluded Buddhas

The boys are always good live but I thought tonight they upped their game with Jim fantastic on guitar. Up front with him they have Chris who is a brilliant front man and singer. He’s always on the go, jumping into the crowd on several occasions as did Jim. Ruari on bass I always think should be in Hawkwind as he always has that… look and laid back attitude. Seb brings up the rear, resplendent in his flashing glasses behind his drum kit.

We get a great selection of the band’s own songs and a stunning fun version of “The Bad Touch” from the Bloodhound Gang. This track was made for this band to cover as Chris makes the track his own. I would urge anyone who has not seen them to get out there and catch the boys live. Always a great night complete with lit up band members as they wear lights along with the occasional laser on the go.

The headliners now – Psydoll from Japan and their quirky brand of cyberpunk/industrial rock music. The band have several excellent albums out including 2004’s I Psydoll and 2009’s 10 Spy Glasses. We get a great selection of the band’s music history tonight including tracks from this year’s smashing new EP Machine Wand: Chapter 2 of Machine Kingdom the follow-up to last year’s Machine Sword: Chapter 1 of Machine Kingdom.

In Nekoi the band have an amazing frontwoman with one of the most unusual voices I have ever heard, and with Ucchi they have a fantastic guitarist who tonight played out of his skin with some amazing riffs on his Steinberger guitar. This is the third time I have seen them play and they just get better each time.



Nekoi has a bit more English to speak each time, as she regaled us of seeing a Haggis at the Kelvingrove Museum when in Glasgow which raised a few chuckles. Sorry to say, Nekoi, but the haggis is not a real animal!

The band are always great to watch and listen to with Nekoi bouncing about the stage in her platforms as she plays her red keytar. Alongside her, Ucchi resplendent in his leather coat, face mask and goggles as always. If you like your cyberpunk quirky and full of heavy rock riffage then get along to one of their shows. The music is fantastic and the pair are always great to watch live.

Check out their music which is currently all on Spotify as well, though you could help them out buy picking up an EP or two from the merch stand if you get the chance to see them live.

Photos by Gary Cooper

Psydoll: official | facebook | twitter | bandcamp

Deluded Buddhas: official | facebook

Hoor-paar-Kraat: facebook | soundcloud

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