Lacuna Coil – The Engine Rooms, Southampton (18th November 2016)

When the chance to photograph and review Lacuna Coil came up I have to admit that I was more than a little bit excited.  I was a massive fan of these guys back when “Heaven’s a Lie” came out and very much enjoyed reviewing their new album Delirium in May.

lacuna-coil-southampton-2016-1The stage was set up with cages and masks over men in white coats – very much keeping with the theme of the album – an insane asylum.  Now theatrical stage sets aren’t something all people like, however I love this kind of stage set up. It gave some Alice Cooper vibes and really worked with the set.

As the band made their entrance the crowd went insane, the lighting was creepy and on point.  The whole group were made up in ‘insane asylum’ costumes, with blood on hands and faces.

The first track was “Ultima Radio”, the closing track off the new album Delirium. A perfect lead in with the creepy ambiance.  Cristina’s vocals, as always, wow!  Soon to follow was “Spellbound” from the 2009 album Shallow Life.  As the amazing, heavy guitar riffs started, Andrea’s vocals penetrated through the noise of the crowd before Cristina’s lilting voice has everyone’s attention.  This was followed by “Die and Rise” from the 2014 album Broken Crown Halo.

And now for a real treat for those ‘back in the day’ fans, “Heaven’s A Lie”, released in 2002 on the album Comalies.  I can honestly say, Cristina blew me away during this track, it was hard to concentrate on my job in the photo pit whilst Lacuna Coil played this track.  This is why I was at the gig, to finally hear this track live!  I was not disappointed and neither were the570 fans in the venue – the crowd were insane as this track played!

lacuna-coil-southampton-2016-2The next track from the new album was “Blood, Tears, Dust” which has an almost ‘electro’ intro before the heavy vocals of Andrea start.  The title track “Delirium” was played at the start of the encore. Whilst awaiting the band retaking the stage, you could feel the tension and anticipation in the audience, they couldn’t wait to see what Lacuna Coil was going to show us next!  As Cristina introduced the track she stated, ‘there is a reason for this (the track), as we are all a little crazy and this is how it is supposed to be’, a slightly odd sentiment to some, but one which rings true to me!

As Andrea and Cristina sang back and forth to each other, Diego could be seen behind the mesh as if caged away before coming out with that amazing guitar solo whilst Cristina and Andrea ‘moshed’ on stage for the next track, “Zombies”, and Andrea put on a rather creepy mask – perfect with the whole show!

Whilst as a photographer I may not have enjoyed the ‘fogging’ and red lights, the effect in person was incredible.  A visually fantastic show, from a great band I hope to see live again the future!

All pictures by CE Photography.

Set List:

  • Intro / Ultima Ratio
  • Spellbound
  • Die and Rise
  • Heaven’s a Lie
  • Blood, Tears and Dust
  • Ghost on the Mist
  • The Ghost Woman and the Hunter
  • Trip The Darkness
  • Downfall
  • You Love Me ‘Cause I Hate You
  • Our Truth
  • Enjoy The Silence
  • Nothing Stand in our Way
  • Delirium
  • Zombies
  • The House of Shame
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