Lacuna Coil / Forever Still / Genus Ordinis Dei – The Garage, Glasgow (15th November 2016)

Following my previous show with Delain, here I am still on the female fronted bandwagon with Lacuna Coil…

lacuna-coil-southampton-2016-1The first act that night, from Italy: Genus Ordinis Dei (5) gave a very heavy and different opening to the show than would be expected. The melodic death style of the band was something a bit different and would have been interesting if the sound had been a little better. The bass was far too loud and the vocals were too low which meant that most songs were not easy to make out and it became deafening by the end. Whilst there was good energy from the band, the sound unfortunately let them down a lot.

Next came Forever Still (7), a more rock-oriented band with catchy riffs and powerful vocals which transitioned well between beautifully clean and brutally growled. Although sound difficulties could still be felt, the band gave a consistently great performance from beginning to end. Mia’s vocals were strong, and impressive all the way throughout their set and the band was worthy of being a headliner from the stage presence and energy given. Definitely a performance I would like to see again on a bigger stage.

lacuna-coil-southampton-2016-headerFinally came Lacuna Coil (6) and once again, an amazing stage show and a great interaction with the audience. Unfortunately the sound was so deafening that the songs were barely recognisable. Cristina and Andrea’s vocals intertwining during powerful moments was an experience I had longed to see live for some time and unfortunately the terrible sound made the experience painful rather than amazing.

The crowd was not as energetic as I would have expected. The only moment worthy of what I expected of a Lacuna Coil show was during “Downfall” off the newest album Delirium. A lot of power and emotion was felt during this song and as it is a ballad the sound was bearable. Overall I had been looking forward to seeing Lacuna Coil live for some time but I really hope to see them again with a better sound production to truly enjoy the wonders of their music.

Photos by Capture Entertainment Photography

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