Delain / Evergrey / Kobra and the Lotus – Classic Grand, Glasgow (9th November 2016)

Symphonic/Melodic/Progressive live shows are always a special experience and tonight was no exception. After missing out on seeing Delain the past few times they’ve been here, I finally got the chance to see them in concert…

delain_ji_1Opening the show with their catchy riffs were Canadian rockers, Kobra and the Lotus(6). With good energy and interaction with the crowd, the band were rather enjoyable and delivered a good performance with the vocals being particularly good. Whilst they are not really my cup of tea, they did put on a good show and opened up the show rather well.

Evergrey(9) were the next band to grace the stage at the Classic Grand. From the very first notes they played, I was blown away by them. Each song they played filled the room with lushes tones and the sweet vocals of frontman Tom. Despite there being some minor sound issues, the band kept on regardless and won the crowd over one person at a time.

By the end of their set, the vast majority of people there cheered and applauded after each of their songs. The only downside of their set was that it was too short! I highly look forward to seeing this band again in the future.

delain-drums_ji-1It was then time for the long-awaited headliners of the night, Delain(7). As I expected of the band, the show was very powerful, well performed and the songs all heart-warming with a good touch of catchy riffs and solos. The band had a very close interaction with the crowd and most of all kept their performance on point from beginning to end.

Unlike Evergrey, the sound was pitch perfect for the entire set which made the performance all the more enjoyable and captivating for all that were in attendance. In particular, Charlotte’s vocals were just as impressive live as they are on the studio albums. Surprisingly, the crowd did not sing as much as I was expecting. Instead however, they gave a lot of encouragement to the band with loud cheers and applause after every song.

Whilst I was not an avid fan of the band prior to seeing them, they’ve definitely made me want to check out some more of their music in future. I must admit though, Evergrey did steal the show for me. But, I am very glad to have finally seen Delain and I will most likely go and see them again in the future.

Delain: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

Evergrey: official | facebook | twitter | instagram

Kobra and the Lotus: official | facebook | twitter

Photos by Dethproof Media.

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November 25, 2016 12:12 PM

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