Redrock Fest – Dublin Castle London, 2nd October 2016

The inaugural Redrock Festival was an amazing success. 15 bands hit the stage in London’s heart of rock – Camden, at the Dublin Castle, to play their hearts out to a very appreciative crowd, before a special performance by hosts local band, Redwire, which resulted in a stage invasion!

The day kicked off with acoustic acts Edwige, who caught the attention of the hosts whilst busking and Ben & Christina, who both wowed the audience with heartfelt performances.

The music then progressed into rock acts and it was obvious that the extensive promotion of the festival was paying off, as people were constantly coming in to see the music on offer. And with the high calibre of bands that were playing, there was no reason to leave.

RedRock 2016The festival was not only about the music, as there were some especially touching moments. One of these was when Belgian band BEUK were unexpectedly handed a letter on stage. It turned out to be a letter from the lead singer’s daughter, who had been in London several months earlier.

Another special moment came when Sweden’s Mother Gaia got the entire crowd to sit down during a ballad and proceeded to tell them a story, before a rousing finish.

Redwire always wanted to foster a sense of community amongst musicians and bands in the unsigned scene and Redrock Festival captured the essence of this perfectly. All the bands were very supportive of each other, respected each other and there was a profound sense of togetherness and family that isn’t often felt in the music scene, especially in London.

This feeling came to a climax during Redwire’s own set. After demands for another song, Redwire proceeded to play a cover of Simple Man and a few minutes in, all the remaining bands joined them on stage to participate, at its peak there were 7 bands represented on stage.

For the first ever Redrock Festival, it achieved everything it set out out, it brought bands from all over the UK and Europe together, it provided a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for well over 200 audience members. It will be a day that will remain in the memories of those that attended for a long time.

There’s a big-ass collection of photos available via this link. To keep an eye out in case they repeat this madness next year, see and follow them on Facebook at

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October 14, 2016 12:46 PM

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