Fort Fest 2016 – Day 2

FOES (c) Katie Frost
FOES (c) Katie Frost

Kingdom Keys opened the second day at noon on the Saturday. Their soulful alternative rock roused the crowd from the campsite and into the arena with songs such as “We Are Kings” and the “War Mask” from their debut EP.

The Hyena Kill took to the stage at quarter past two. The raucous Manchester two-piece blasted out their blend of grunge and hard rock to the crowd who braved the damp summer weather to enjoy the show.

FOES were next to take to the stage; owners of perhaps the most impressive facial hair of the entire festival. They brought a hint of prog to the afternoon but with an electric delivery that created vast soundscapes for the audience to enjoy.

Kingdom Keys (c) Katie Frost
Kingdom Keys (c) Katie Frost

Taking a small break from the music I wandered around the stalls that peppered the arena. I ended up talking to the guys from From Nothing Apparel. They talked about their approach that entwined the ideas of clothes, music and tattoos. They are endorsed by bands such as Phoenix Calling, who played at Fort Fest, and Hacktivist. From Nothing also endorse tattoo companies themselves like Koen Chamberlain.

Press to MECO arrived to changeable weather in Bedfordshire; though their mixture of technical instrumentals and three part harmonies seemed to stave off the rain for a period. The frontman implored the audience to like their new music and they obliged willingly.

Faux played the Tavern Stage and created a great juxtaposition to the heavier band. Their more mellow thoughtful music created an awesome atmosphere inside the Tavern whilst people danced and drank.

Lonely the Brave (c) Katie Frost
Lonely the Brave (c) Katie Frost

Arcane Roots took the second headline spot on the Saturday. The Surrey trio unleashed a barrage of riffs into the night. The lights flashed dazzling the audience and bathing the band in light.

Lonely the Brave headlined and delivered a heady wave of sound. Their mix of alternative influence created a fantastic overall feel. Along with their song writing ability they cast a sonic light and shade that teased the audience that gathered at the foot of the stage.

All photos by Katie Frost Photography including this full set of pics from Day 2 of the festival.

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