Retribution Alive at The Black Heart, Camden (August 18th 2016)

Dying Vision Camden 2016 (Aoife)To describe the atmosphere down at Camden’s The Black Heart, would be to call it a black metal filled mini fest, with the line-up consisting of a range of different black metal bands with different styles.

The first band up on the stage tonight is Asherah, a band whose influences lie in the area of post-metal, with influences of black and doom, to give an almost atmospheric sound. Listening to them really makes you stop and think, and although not many people have arrived at the time they start, an appreciative crowd still responds. Songs filled with beautiful melodies from the guitars and drums are mixed flawlessly with the harsh and heavy vocals. An extremely entertaining band to start the evening.

Vehement Camden 2017 (Aoife)After heading out for some fresh air we arrive back in the warm small venue of the Black Heart, in time to see Vehement, a band that I can only describe as powerful and catchy with people all over the venue headbanging within the first seconds of the first song. Heavy and dark riffs fill the venue with extreme catchy vocals to go with them. The energy in the room is beyond ecstatic and the band put on an amazing gig tonight.

The next band on the stage are Dying Vision, and  the word that always comes to my mind whenever someone mentions Dying Vision, has got to be “energy”. The band have so much energy with vocalist Richard Ashton giving all that he is got up there on the stage, in terms of his powerful vocals to his stage presence and interaction with the crowd, that is just mind blowing. Even the battery behind the vocals are just as powerful and are giving it 110%. Of course when a band gives it all the crowd again goes a little mad, as the entire venue turns into a mass of headbangers and windmillers. One of the most hyperactive bands I have ever seen, and would give anything to see them again.

Scutum Crux Camden 2016 (Aoife)The final band on the line-up tonight is Scutum Crux, a band that I have seen many times, and for me they never disappoint. Tonight’s performance is no exception with razor sharp blast beats, and a range of melodies that can be both brutal and soft, with powerful vocals that follow, just make this band most entertaining to see live. The crowd is again being whipped into a frenzy of headbangers and windmillers. Tonight Scutum Crux are again on the ball, and have managed to attract quite a crowd, with their raw and powerful energy that seems to electrify the entire venue. A perfect end to the night.

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