Mørktår / Sturmtiger/ Praesepe / Skullthrone / Emasculated Christ – The Lounge, London (15th June 2016)


The Facebook event page describes this gig as “pure evil” and I can honestly say that statement is 100% accurate. An event that has five of the biggest London-based Black Metal acts together for one night. Headlined by Mørktår, the others acts include Sturmtiger, Praesepe, Skullthrone and Emasculated Christ. Bands that range from Black Metal, to Raw Black Metal and even through to Atmospheric Black Metal. Together forming a night out I am not likely to forget in a hurry.

I arrive just before the first band, Emasculated Christ, are due to play, a band that consists only of drums and guitar (that’s right no bass, or vocalist). The duo are an impressive act to see live, the focus between the two in terms of timing is just flawless. Their instrumental set is filled with mesmerising music that is almost hypnotic, and sends me into a far away world. Although only having half an hour on stage their set was just perfect. Dense drums fill the venue, mixed with fast melodies from the guitar to create some of the most catchy music I have heard in a long time.

On the stage next are Skullthrone, whose aggressive stage presence does not go unnoticed. A band with so much energy really get the crowd going, with chaotic drums, melodic guitars and screeching vocals that really give off a pure Black Metal sound. A band that are so easy to get into, headbang and mosh to, a band who are an absolute pleasure to see live. Even vocalist Khrul adds to the dark energy in the room, staring at the audience as he bellows out harsh vocals, that almost remind me of Gaahl. An enjoyable band to see live.


The time is now half eight, and Praesepe are on stage – a very unique band with lots of different elements added to their music. Having a combination of melodic and experimental pieces adds so much dimension to a traditional Black Metal sound. Another band that get the crowd really going and the turnout for them definitely is a big one. An enjoyable set filled with harsh melodies and powerful vocals, however their set has an abrupt ending, due to the shortcomings of the drummer. This leaves some of the attendants slightly disappointed, but nethertheless a fantastic band to see despite their short set.

Sturmtiger are now on the stage, whose Black Metal is based on the concept of war, and this is easy to pick up. With thundering machine gun drums played by Bartosz, that are just incredible to watch with the amount of energy and speed put into them. Mixed with speedy guitar melodies and thundering vocals, just add to the energy of war. A band that get the crowd going in a heartbeat and a personal highlight of the night.


It is 10pm and the headliners Mørktår are now on set clad in corpse paint and with incense burning, it gives a vibe of almost a ritual is about to begin here. With a new drummer in play tonight banging out thunderous beats, mixed with heavy melodies whip the crowd into a frenzy. An incredible performance by the band whose Black Metal is pure and raw down to every beat, and strum of the battery. Pounding vocals that literally send shivers down my spine, with vocalist Gates really getting the crowd involved. Gates lets a few attendants scream down the microphone and even has one person get up on stage with him, for me it is clear to see how much control and power this band have.

A fantastic band to see, and a band that is true to Black Metal right to the core. As Mørktår finish their set, they end the night for me on a personal high. A brilliant night out.

All photos by Aoife for Moshville Times

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