Combichrist / Filter / Rabia Sorda, Glasgow O2 ABC2 (30th June 2016)

Rabia Sorda Glasgow 2016 1So I’m a few songs late catching tonight’s openers, Rabia Sorda, due to interviewing Andy from Combichrist, but get out to watch most of a very intense and enjoyable set in front of a good sized crowd. I will say, judging by the crowd’s reaction, that a number of fans here tonight know the band well and are enjoying the set immensely. There are a number of people singing and dancing along to a very energetic show led by frontman Erk Aicrag looking like an extra from Mad Max who never stayed still the whole set.

The energy-charged drummer Maxx was a joy to watch smashing away and Marc on guitar/keyboard keeping the rhythm’s going good style. Rabia Sorda are a band I have not heard of before but they produce great music and are a joy to watch and sound great. Catch the band if you can if you’re a fan of tech/industrial rock – you will not be disappointed.

Up next, a band I quite like but seeing them here tonight for the first time. Filter are less high energy than Rabia Sorda with more of a hard rock/industrial vein to their music. In frontman Richard Patrick they have a powerful singer with a lot to say on the politics of the USA and he pulls no punches with his dislike of Trump. The band are touring the excellent new album Crazy Eyes and he has a great band behind him with Oumi Kapila (guitar/programming), Chris Reeve (drums), Bobby Miller (keyboards) and the lovely green-haired Ashley Dzerigian (bass).

Filter Glasgow 2016 1There was a good range of tracks from their quite long history and the band were a joy to watch. In particular Oumi was outstanding on guitar and Ashley is pretty damn cool on bass, not one of those stand still and play bass players but a real mover. The whole band in general played the crowd well and Richard was always up front screaming away in good style to the obvious joy of the Filter fans. A short but very enjoyable set and a band I will be sure to catch again next time they are up here in Scotland.

The headliners now, Combichrist, and after a nice chat with singer Andy I was really looking forward to the show… and boy they did not disappoint! The band are touring on the back of the fantastic new album This is Where Death Begins and I think the track “My Life My Rules” from it was one of the highlight tracks of the night. The band are ferocious from the word go with Andy pacing the stage like a caged lion, Joe in the back pounding away on the drums. Nick, with Eric and Brent, up front swapping sides from time to time.

Combichrist Glasgow 2016 1The crowd were a touch mental down the front egged on by Andy and boy did they go for it. These are the times as a photographer (covering review/interview tonight as well!) that you want a proper barrier pit to shoot from hence most of my shots tonight are from either side with long lens. The ABC2 was packed tonight with most of the audience singing, dancing or jumping along to the tech/metal sound that is Combichrist.

The band have an intense driving rhythm and just a powerhouse sound that makes the crowd go wild and rightly so. The new album I find more accessible, easier to listen to than 2014’s We Love You and it has been on my playlist since it came out. Sadly we had a shorter than normal set due to the ABC’s usual curfew for the crap club nights they have on after gigs. Shorter it may have been but no less intense, if you like your metal with a tech edge to it then give these boys a listen and go see them – you will not be disappointed.

Photos by Gary Cooper. Full sets on Flickr: Combichrist / Filter / Rabia Sorda

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