Lawnmower Deth (and Kim Wilde!) at Download Festival 2016

By Will Tudor, courtesy Lawnmower Deth
By Will Tudor, courtesy Lawnmower Deth

When Corey Taylor wrote the lyrics, “And the rain will kill us all”, he had quite obviously overlooked Lawnmower Deth and their fans which are still growing in numbers like an award winning marrow on steroids.

Lawnmower Deth filled the Maverick Stage tent with thousands of fans, leaving others watching from the outside as there was no room left. They have played Download more times than most and deserve the bigger stage now, as they have exceeded the size of the tent and they also have the energy, power and lunacy to be the best part of anyone’s festival.

The amount of fun you witness; the band, crew and fans – always radiates the biggest laughs and blocks out all the negativity, hatred and bad weather in the world. This year bringing on the lovely Kim Wilde who happily joined them onstage to sing not only her hit, “Kids In America”, at Lawnmower Deth speed she also gained massive respect from the die-hard fans for singing the band’s classic songs, “Egg Sandwich” and “Watch Out Grandma”. A surreal and a great memory I shall cherish for life.

Have you ever been right at the front of the most crazy and happy people, some of them crushing you, some flying over, you’re running out of breath, cobs are flying around, clowns and sheep are darting about, gunge tanks are squirting, toast is fired across stage by a longbow, you’re starting to feel sick and your face has a muddy footprint across it… and you think to yourself “If my wallet was stolen now or I collapsed I really don’t care, this is too good”? Well this is how I felt and I would do it again and again.

Lawnmower Deth are going from strength to strength, they deliver the perfect and whole package for total entertainment. Don’t miss them, long may they reign!

All photos by Will Tudor, courtesy of Lawnmower Deth. For the full collection, check out the Flickr set.

Lawnmower Deth: official | facebook | twitter

Kim Wilde: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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