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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Review: Blind Guardian / Gloryhammer 17/05/2016 -QMU Glasgow

I’ll start with this… If you are a power metal fan, it is a rule of thumb to love Blind Guardian, so obviously as a power metal fan Blind Guardian count amongst one of my favourite bands. The last time I had seen them in London (May 2015) Hansi had promised Blind Guardian would be back “before 5 years” and boy did they hold their promise!

The show opened with Christopher Bowes’ side project band “Gloryhammer”. I was not fully familiar with their material but had listened to one or two songs before.

Gloryhammer | © ishootmetal.com

Gloryhammer | © ishootmetal.com

The band kept a power metal atmosphere with an entertaining out of space humour; dressed in futuristic outfits themselves the band was good to listen to as well as funny to watch. The crowd overall had a positive response and they have certainly gained a few more fans, including me.(10/10)

After the opener came the big moment, the first ever Glaswegian Blind Guardian show, and I must say there is so much to say I don’t know where to even start. As they did last year in London, the band opened with “Ninth Wave” a very atmospheric and progressive tune which could only put everyone in the mood, the crowd was singing and jumping from the very first few notes of the intro and I knew the gig was going to be amazing. This brilliant opening was followed by a tune from the Nightfall in Middle-Earth album “Time Stands Still”, just like any possible Blind Guardian song, a lot of atmosphere, power and the ever singing crowd, the crowds singing in sync with Hansi still echoes in my ear every time I think of the songs played that night. The third tune, which was one of my biggest expectations “Nightfall” was just as incredible as it was a year before, Hansi’s tones of voice twirling with the wonderful music and the words the entire crowd knew “Nightfall, quietly crept in and changed us all” sang so loud Hansi did not need to sing. After this heart warming moment came “Tanelorn”, “Prophecies” and “Last Candle”. Once more, all choruses were sang almost entirely by the crowd. I have rarely seen crowds as loud as Blind Guardian this really makes them one of if not the best band to ever see live. “Lord of the Rings” was then played and brought a very powerful and emotional moment into the venue, I am sure I speak for most if I say I felt in Middle-Earth for a majority of the set; raising my one ring of Sauron to the sky every loud choruses. After only three more songs, the band left for the encore and from the first encore to the end, I experienced the most incredible gig moment;

Blind Guardian | © ishootmetal.com

Blind Guardian | © ishootmetal.com

The band came back with “Sacred World” which gave another atmospheric entry on stage, this was followed by “Majestry” which  I did not expect but was a very nice old school moment. The crowd then requested “Vahalla” by singing the all too known chorus which was such a heart warming moment to be a part of, the song went as perfectly as expected and the crowd went on singing the chorus for a good few minutes after the song was over, and not a second of it felt too much or forced, the band showed their love for the band and gave back the appreciation with such wonderful stage presence. The second and last encore was “Into the Storm”, “The Bard’s song” which was the best performance I have ever seen hands down, second best would be this same song played a year before in London, needless to say there is nothing topping this song in any single way; followed by “Mirror Mirror” which was once again requested by the crowd and was as wonderful as ever, “Barbara Ann” was a surprise tune improvised due to the crowd requesting one last tune and was a nice fun end to an absolutely perfect show. All in all this performance was absolutely perfect, not one time did it feel long or dull and the entire venue (band and crowd) gave it their all from beginning to end, there is nothing to say but thank you Glasgow and Blind Guardian for an incredible experience, I hope to see both soon for more Magical music. (20/10)



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