Incineration Fest 2016 Review

Scutum Crux Incineration Fest 2016Incineration Fest is a festival in the heart of London, going on for three years (this year included). This year’s festival took place over two days in Tufnell Park’s Boston Music Room and the Dome.

Saturday kicks off with Scutum Crux playing at The Dome who manage to pull off an incredible set of pure heavy black metal which attracts a lot of people. They give out so much raw and powerful energy during their set. A brilliant band to kick-off the weekend and a top-notch performance by the band. Making use of the giant stage just adds to the dimensions of the band. A fantastic treat for the first band at the fest this year.

Later on Hades Lab are playing downstairs in the smaller venue out of the two, but despite the smaller stage the band make great use of the space, and spilling forth black/death metal styled music that really gets the crowd going. Another superb band that fits the line-up brilliantly.

Tsjunder Incineration Fest 2016Mithras are another band on the venue line-up at the Dome, whose brutal death metal attracts quite a crowd. Their set consists of a mixture of tracks from a range of albums, and with songs such as ‘Lords and Masters’ and ‘Tomb of the Kings’ really get the crowd going in an enjoyable and energetic way.

Tsjuder are next on the Dome following Mithras whose black metal is something that can only be described as powerful, with the band on top form and the crowd causing so much chaos with mosh-pits and crowd surfing. Their setlist is filled with classics from the band such as ‘Demon Throne’ and ‘Unholy Paragon’ which just adds to the raw energy of the night.

Dark Funeral Incineration Fest 2016The final band of the night, Dark Funeral, get the crowd going with fantastic crowd interaction, and again the band themselves are on top form spewing out black metal at its finest. With songs such as ‘Unchain My Soul’, ‘Secrets of the Black Arts’ and ‘My Funeral’ their show is a highlight of the entire fest. Their stage set comes complete with two pig’s heads which just adds to the power behind the black metal.

After an exciting first day the Sunday is just as great with De Profundis kicking off the Sunday upstairs at the Dome with songs such as ‘Crystal Mountain’ and ‘Kult of the Orthodox’ which gets the crowd going. Throughout the set more and more people join in for the black/death metal style of music. The band again are on brilliant form, filled with energy that just adds to the rest of the set.

Later on in the day at the Boston Music Room, black metal band Voltumna are playing with tracks such as ‘Lord of Mayhem’ and ‘Roma Delenda Est’. They are an enjoyable heavy band to see preforming black metal at its finest, and finish off their set with a cover of Venom’s “Black Metal”, making everyone go batshit crazy – another enjoyable and perfect band that played over the weekend.

Marduk Incineration Fest 2016Eastern Front follow up on the same stage as Voltumna interacting with the crowd and again spewing forth more black metal, playing on a smaller stage than the first Incineration Fest they played all the way back in 2014. Regardless, the band seemed full of energy and again sent the crowd into a pure release of energy with songs such as ‘Hanging of Faith’ and ‘Descent into Genocide’.

However, Marduk are the main band for the night, throwing the entire crowd into a circle of pits and crowd surfers. They played a mixture of songs from a variety of album such as ‘Frontschwein’ that kicks off the show, with other numbers such as ‘Souls for Belial’ which again drives the crowd insane, and ‘Afrika’ which has everyone in the crowd screaming out the chorus. A fantastic band to close the evening and the event of this year’s Incineration Fest.

All photos by Aoife Le Roux

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