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Therapy? Southampton’s Engine Rooms, 20th February 2016

Therapy Feb 2016 Southampton

Photo by Amy of CE Photography

Tonight was my first time seeing Therapy? The venue was the ever popular Engine Rooms (previously The Mo’Club), Southampton – by day a roller disco and by night a venue for bands. The venue was busy, the crowd having just enjoyed The Membranes.

Northern Ireland based band Therapy ? formed in 1989 and released their new album in 2015, recently releasing the single “Tides”. There were mixed reviews of this album from the fan base at the gig this evening, though all present were looking forward to seeing both the new and older songs played.

Andy Cairns and Michael McKeegan were on top form this evening.  Michael’s bass playing was not only faultless but also had lots of flare!  The audience loved him.  I particulary enjoyed the showmanship during “Knives”.  Andy kept up a constant repertoire with the fans between songs, a stream of entertaining tales and stories loved by all – but more of that later!

With each song played the audience got more and more into this set, by the encore the crowd ‘singing’ along.  “Screamager” really brought out the hardcore fans and by “Nowhere” Michael was moshing, the rock hands were raised and everyone was rocking!

The only thing that truly let this gig down was the sound, at times it was ‘tinny’ turning epic riffs into hollow sounds, this was the only thing that regular attendees of Therapy? gigs had any complaints about.  Personally I loved the lighting, the strobing timed perfectly and the blues great though a number of people complained that they were blinded repeatedly!

Andy asked “are there any animal lovers out there? Because my dog has broken his leg and the vets want £7000 to fix him! So please buy the album, get Snoopy fixed!” Now I don’t know if Snoopy truly needs fixing, or if this is a ploy to get people to buy the album, but after tonight’s performance, I’m buying the album.  Therapy? made a fan of me tonight!

So in round up…..Therapy? have a new fan, while the sound wasn’t great the fans still loved this evening, Andy and Michael were enthusiastic and we may need to start a ‘GoFundMe’ page for Snoopy!

All photos by Amy Harris-Abbott of CE Photography

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