The Black Dahlia Murder / Benighted / Scordatura – Cathouse, Glasgow (19th January 2016)

JimI’ve sort of had an up and down relationship with The Black Dahlia Murder. They’re one of those bands I listened to when I was just getting into metal and then sort of forgot about for a bit until they released an album and my interest spiked for a bit and then it sort of vanished. That changed when the most recent album Abysmal came out however. After having really enjoyed that album, I figured it would be worth popping down to see them play as I’d not seen them before.

Scordatura- Photo By James Costin ©
Scordatura- Photo By James Costin ©

Opening up the evening were local death metallers Scordatura. Having had the pleasure of watching them before with Anaal Nathrakh last year, I was curious to see as to whether they were as good as I remembered. Delivering a set compromised of songs from their two EP’s plus a song from their upcoming full-length, the band delivered a stunning set and are definitely a band to watch as I can see them going far in the not too distant future. (8/10)

Benighted- Photo by James Costin ©
Benighted- Photo by James Costin ©

Up Next on stage, were main tour support Benighted. After having a few problems during soundcheck, the band immediately wasted no time in showing folk what they were all about. Crushing riffs, aggressive drums and the barks and shrieks of vocalist Julien, suitably laid waste to the ever-growing crowd. By the time they were half way through their set, they had amassed quite a crowd. Almost all of the crowd were either nodding along or head-banging, a testament to the music of the band. Sadly, they didn’t really do it for me. Whilst there is no denying that they are a very good band, they are just not for me. (7/10)

The Black Dahlia Murder- Photo by James Costin ©
The Black Dahlia Murder- Photo by James Costin ©

After a quick changeover, it was time for the main act of the evening to come on stage. Having spoken with Alan (Drums) earlier, he mentioned that it would be a suitably varied set with a few from the new album. Opening with ‘Receipt’, the band walked on stage to a thunderous applause and immediately set about pummelling the crowd with their unique take on melodic metal. Initially having a few sound problems, they were quickly fixed and gave the band a surprisingly good sound. Playing a set compromised of classics such as ‘Statutory Ape’ and ‘A Vulgar Picture’, along with newer material such as ‘Moonlight Equilibrium’, the band delivered a stunning set and also caused the most crazy circle pit I’ve seen. This was no simple small one, this one went right around the venue. It was quite spectacular. However, security at the venue appeared to not be doing anything about the crowd-surfers so as a result our very own Pit troll stepped in and made sure folk landed safely. His act did not go unnoticed as Trevor came over to him afterwards and said thanks for helping out with them. Top marks to both of them. (9/10)

Scordatura: facebook | bigcartel | bandcamp | youtube

Benighted: facebook | reverbnation

The Black Dahlia Murder: facebook | twitter | youtube | instagram

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