Carnifex / Within the Ruins / Fallujah / Boris the Blade – Cathouse, Glasgow (6th December 2015)


Carnifex are one of those bands that I’ve been following for almost as long I’ve been listening to metal. They were one of the bands that got me into the more extreme side of metal and introduced to me to a whole different scene entirely. A scene that has some interesting fans, as I’ll mention later.

Photo by James Costin ©
Boris the Blade- Photo by James Costin ©

First up on the stage, were Australian metallers Boris the Blade. Having spoken to a few of the punters, a good number of them were excited to see them and I quote one of them saying “They are ridiculously heavy!”. I’ll agree with him there, they had an immense sound with the singer commanding the stage like a pro. Whilst they maybe had a few too many breakdowns for my liking, the band delivered a suitably impressive set and certainly won over some new fans that night. (7/10)

Fallujah- Photo by James Costin ©
Fallujah- Photo by James Costin ©

Next up on stage were American metallers, Fallujah. Having spoken with Alex (Vocals) earlier, he mentioned that the band would be playing a varied set along with one new song as well. Having missed most of their set last time they played here with Dying Fetus I was really looking forward to seeing them. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. Flowing guitar melodies, superb vocals, impressive drum patterns, it was all there. And the new song they played…. Wow. The crowd certainly seemed to be enjoying them as much as I was and gave a thunderous applause after every song and even chanted for more after they finished playing. I highly encourage people to check this band out as they are quite honestly one of the best bands I’ve seen live and I heartily look forward to their new album next year. (10/10)

Within the Ruins- Photo by James Costin ©
Within the Ruins- Photo by James Costin ©

Changing the theme slightly, were fellow American metallers, Within the Ruins. Having a very abrasive and aggressive sound, the band immediately set about playing their brand of metal to the eager fans. Sadly, I felt as though they were lacking one small thing that I can’t quite pinpoint. It was a shame, as they have some really awesome riffs and sections in a lot of their songs. I just couldn’t get into them. (6/10)

It was then time for the headliners of the night to come to the stage. Having spoken with Shawn (Drums) earlier, he mentioned that they would be playing at least one song from every album with a majority of songs from the latest album, Die Without Hope. The venue had also gained quite a few more people, all eager to see Carnifex play a headline set.

Carnifex- Photo by James Costin ©
Carnifex- Photo by James Costin ©

Coming on stage to a thunderous applause, the band immediately ripped into their material and multiple mosh-pits ensued. There were also, sadly, a few hardcore dancers there whom felt it best swing violently around with their legs and arms. These people however were mindful of other folk and there was no real danger to the other members. During the breaks between songs, Scott (Vocals) thanked everyone for coming to watch them and asked if we were having a good time. Of course, the crowd responded with gusto and as such the band gave it their all delivering a superb performance. (9/10)


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December 18, 2015 4:22 PM

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