Skindred / Crossfaith / (hed)p.e. / Yashin – Glasgow 02 ABC – 10/11/15

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(c) Moshville Times

Pit TrollHaving got to the ABC nice and early I was well organised and blessed enough to catch all 4 bands.

First up were Glaswegian metalheads, Yashin who were more than eager to please there home town crowd, opening up with the very befitting “Runaway Train” from their 2012 album We Created A Monster Second song in and clean vocalist American, Harry Radford leap frogs the pit barrier and initiates a mosh pit. Despite a challenge from the bands screamer, Kevin Miles of “Pit Troll, show me something!” I declined to participate at that point as there was only a handful of moshers with an average height of 4ft 6.

Events took a somewhat amusing turn when Harry ceased moshing and began to wander amongst the gathering crowd, casually introducing himself, almost as if he was at a speed dating night. This was quickly followed by more shenanigans as Harry had the audience kneel before him in his “Church” before breaking into a rather unexpected cover of rapper Coolio’s “Gangstas Paradise”.

Yashin felt the need to apologise to the crowd for the length of time they had been away, however any misguided resentment the crowd may or may not have felt was soon forgotten when they were treated to a taste of the material on Yashin’s upcoming album release The Renegades. The time away has served the lads well, they look vastly different to the skinny, high schoolers who I saw for the first time back in 2012 when they opened up for Korn at the 02 Academy. They have all obviously been working hard at the gym and are using there boosted testosterone levels to create music that will lift ceilings as well as weights.

I emphasised befitting in reference to opener “Runaway Train” as I have no doubts that if Yashin continue on their current track there will be no stopping them.

Next up were my most eagerly anticipated band of the night American Rap Metallers, (hed)p.e. Having been a fan of them since my early teens this was actually my first ever opportunity to see them live and I’m so happy to say they didn’t disappoint. Stepping out on stage in a V For Vendetta mask and playing a Melodica, vocalist Jahred Gomes captivated the audience with a cover of The Specials’ “Ghost Town” Ska music aside it was time for (hed)p.e. to get there metal groove on. Worryingly for me there wasn’t a great deal of crowd activity for the first couple of songs, that was soon rectified when Jahred made it clear for song number 3 that “If you’re not pitting, its time for you to get the f**k out!” That was my cue. Green light, go time, lets get this party started. From that point onwards the energy in the crowd didn’t waiver with the band responding in kind, treating everybody to their biggest hits “Blackout”, “Bartender” and “Killing Time” for which (hed)p.e. were joined on stage by Yashins, Kevin Miles. Only downside was their set coming to an end far too quickly, leaving me yearning for more, much, much more.

My disappointment was to be short lived thankfully as bursting onto stage a short time later were Osaka’s Electronicore maniacs, Crossfaith who arguably produced the most consistently crazy crowd activity of the whole evening. There intro was somewhat marred by turntabilist, Tamano Terufumi’s technical difficulties but vocalist, Kenta Koi easily kept the crowd engaged making sure they didn’t become too despondent. With all systems go the Japanese quintet belted out crowd pleaser’s “Monolith” and “Countdown To Hell” for which Kenta had the crowd take part in the now almost taboo phenomenon “The Wall Of Death” which is apparently so dangerous that if a band initiates one, security are required to call a show stop. Security saw sense on this occasion and let Kenta’s wishes come true. I personally don’t care how dangerous Walls Of Death are mean’t to be, they’re too much bloody fun! As in the case with Hed (P.E.), Crossfaith’s set time was definitely too short but they finished in style with an absolutely blistering cover of Prodigy’s “Omen”.

Finally, after what seemed like the longest half hour in the world the lights went out and Skindred’s trademark intro music, a very clever dub step version of Darth Vader’s Imperial March began booming out and the crowd began to go wild with anticipation. Launching into “Under Attack” from the recently reviewed by myself album Volume Skindred seemed to be almost teasing the crazies in the middle (including myself) who were eager to get a decent mosh pit going. Second song “Roots, Rock, Riot” kicked things off nicely in those respects.

As you would expect with a Skindred show there was a fair amount of banter between Benji Webb and the crowd, the highlight of this being the Welsh rasta demanding to know who had illegally downloaded their latest album release rather than paying for it and proceeding to lambast anybody who was brave enough to put their hands up. Set list wise, “Kill The Power”, “Ninja” and “Pressure” all produced what can only be described as a mini earthquakes on the sweat drenched dance floor.

Skindred rocked the Glasgow ABC for 90 exhilarating minutes and finished on a high with what has now become their signature finale “Warning” which any long term fan of the band will know is accompanied by the awe inspiring “Newport Helicopter” If you’ve not the faintest what I’m talking about, I recommend you YouTube it!

Skindred: official | facebook | twitter | soundcloud | | youtube

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March 16, 2016 9:37 AM

[…] last saw Yashin opening for Skindred in November 2015 at the 02 ABC Glasgow. It had been nearly 4 years since I had seen them play live […]