Pentagram / The Order of Israfel – O2 Academy Islington, 14th Nov 2015

Order of Israfel London 2015[avatar user=”wolfie” size=”50″ align=”left” /]The Order of Israfel are up first. Their doom music and beautiful flawless vocals get the crowd going, with Tom’s interaction with the crowd making tonight more than a mere gig, but a musical experience. Songs such as “The Earth Delivers What Heaven Desires” turn the crowd into a mass of people singing, head-banging and just having a general good time. A brilliant band, who once again do not fail to impress.

Pentagram London 2015Pentagram are the headliners of the night, and their age should not put a price on how they will perform tonight. The band are on top form, with a mixture of songs from their new album and their older albums with songs such as “Devil’s Playground” and “Dead Bury Dead” turning the crowd into a mass of headbangers, moshpits and singing. Bobby parades around the stage as if he were a teenager, and the band themselves are also on top form with lots of energy. A great end to a great night.

All photos by Aoife Le Roux

Pentagram: official | facebook

The Order of Israfel: official | facebook | instagram | youtube

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