Taake / The 3rd Attempt / Orkan / Dominanz – The Underworld, London (9th Oct 2015)

Taake London 04
Photo by Aoife Le Roux


Dominanz start on time (6:20pm), with the crowd getting into songs such as “Dream of Fire”, with the audience singing the chorus. Dominanz also covered Samael’s “Baphomet’s Throne” another one getting their voices raised, and heads banging in a huge wild frenzy. The band’s heavy performance makes them a spectacular sight to see, with wild riffs, and crowd interaction. They were on their best form, making them a highlight for the evening.


Orkan were next on the stage with heavy riffs and audience interaction whipping the crowd into a frenzy. The band are again on top form tonight with vocalist Einar jumping round the stage with so much energy for most of the set, the crowd feeding off his energy. Another great performance of the evening, which was made better by an unexpected appearance of Taake’s Hoest, who joins the singer for the last song. An unforgettable experience.

The 3rd Attempt:

Again the band start on time, and with songs such as “We Defy” and “Beast Within” urge the crowd into a huge mosh pit. Despite the energy expended on the last two bands, the audience even sing along to the chorus of “Sons of the Winter”. The vocalist (Odemark), was also on top form tonight getting up close to fans. Another top-notch performance, and they leave the stage with some highly satisfied fans, in abuzz over the band.


The headliner of the evening come on stage, with the crowd head banging and moshing to the Norwegian’s set. With vocalist Hoest putting on a high rating performance, he gets the crowd to hold up the sign of the horns and sing to the microphone. As their set comes to an end, Einar (vocalist from Orkan), also joins in on stage to share vocals on the final song of the evening. An amazing end to an incredible night.

Photos by Aoife Le Roux:

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