Xandria – O2 Academy Islington, 9th September 2015

Xandria - Fire & Ashes

MaxXandria stepped onto stage right on cue, humbly taking in the cheers of a few of their fans and a few who’d never even heard of them. Little did they know of the storm of a show they were about to experience in a neatly collected yet still blistering hour’s set.

After a few thanks for supporting local live music they erupted into a fan favourite “Nightfall” that got 95% of the room thriving in sheer joy which really reflected the electric atmosphere and the energy output by the quintet. After their opener to the set and the show, the 20(ish) people who came to the front at the start had multiplied to over 50 cranning their necks to see this one-of-a-kind act while the rest of the metalheads were hurriedly grabbing their beers!

An enjoyable set followed featuring two songs from the new EP, Fire and Ashes: “Unembraced” and perhaps the greatest song of the night; “Voyage of the Fallen”. Dianne and the rest of the crew led the wideyed audience in moshing, shouting and cheering along as they effortlessly took control of the stage on this one.

They concluded on another of their biggest songs, “Valentine”, which a surprisingly large portion of the audience knew judging by the cheers that followed. This was another song that captivated the crowd in an overall triumph of a gig with an ending salute from drummer Gerit Lemm who thrust his fist ecstatically into the air making his roar heard over the hundred or so headbangers losing their minds. In that moment I was reminded of the pride of being a part of this omnipotent genre and a new-found member of the cult that is Xandria.

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