BobFest – 18th July 2015, Penicuik

[avatar user=”Gary” size=”50″ align=”left” /]Welcome to Bobfest, Penicuik’s annual heavy metal vomit party!

This annual Metal Festival is now in it’s 10th year and I am sad to say up until last year I had not heard of this fantastic day out for Metalheads. Ten fantastic bands for a mere £7.00. I could not make it last year but more than made up for it this year. The festival is an indoor one at Penicuick’s Craigiebield House Hotel. This year it was on held Saturday 18th July, it ran from 12noon to 11pm and is a great place it is too with regular bar prices for food and alcohol, no rip off festival prices here.

I concur with the Bobfest Facebook message:

Thanks to Denise and all the Craigie staff for putting up with BOB, Richard (the sound king) Neill for a stellar sound all night, Kat and Jen for the door, Kendog and Callis for Pie judging duties, George and Stuart for security and Alan Swan for the crackers of photos.

Finally massive thank you to all who came and continue to come to BOB. This Festival is nothing without all of you. Cheers!

This was a sentiment shared by all I talked to during the day and I admit to having a fantastic time with all the bands I knew and others seen for the first time. The awesome crowd who obviously had a fantastic day out complete with a really funny pie eating contest with the best judges. A big thanks to Alan Swan for the great shots of yours truly shooting the bands and making strange faces (see my FB page). We did shoot each other a few times during the course of the day which was a great laugh, my pics to follow this review. Check out Alan who has a style all his own compared to my more straight forward shots.

To end this small review of the day, do not miss this next year folks as it is a great day out for all metalheads young and old. The reviews of the bands and their sets in running order follows. Enjoy and go look them up and support your local venues!!

Neonatal Death – Penicuik 

Neonatal Death is a one-man Goregrind formed in early ’07 from Penicuik in the form of big Grim Jim Livingstone (aka El Grindo Cunto). With the help of a few friends on stage they bring this mad brutal music to life.

The big Jim/band have released a couple of demos, a full length album (Severe Facial Reconstruction) and most recently, an EP entitled The Drunk Cunt Grinds Again. The band’s set list looks long but when you consider the average Gore Grind track is about 60 seconds then you can see it was not too long a set. Not having listened to this metal sub genre before I was amused to see a pigeon, a pig, a plate and a balaclava covered band walk on stage (photos will explain) and launch into “Mummified in Cum Rags”. What followed was a brutal assault on the senses the likes of which I have not seen or heard since I saw Napalm Death in their early days. There were such classic titles played tonight such as “Black & Decker Fanny Wrecker” (40secs), “Human Haggis” (a long track at 1:32 sec) & “Vomitus Shitting Dick Nipples” (1:00 min). A heady mix of super fast drumming, guitar riffs, guttural screaming voices mixed in with spoken samples from films I assume, all made for an enjoyable metal mashup which I actually enjoyed. I would happily watch this band again.


  • El Grindo Cunto -Vocals (Grim Jim)
  • Ding Dong Davy – Guitar
  • Panty Raid Poustie – Guitar
  • Brutal B minus – Bass
  • Dick Move Clayer – Guitar  (sometimes)


  • Mummified in Cum Rags
  • Chunder Blunder
  • Abortion of Chips
  • Black & Decker Fanny Wrecker
  • Devouring the Dissected
  • Fucking Your Daughter’s Limbless Cadaver
  • Human Haggis
  • Eat, Fuck, Kill
  • Neuroleptanalgesia
  • Yang Xinhai
  • Vomitus Shitting Dick Nipples
  • Nobody Thinks You’re Hot, You Anorexic Cunt
  • Stillborn Sex Toy
  • Mauled
  • One Man’s Morgue is Another Man’s Brothel
  • Blast Beat Takeshi
  • Colas de Rata (Brujeria cover)
  • Punishment (Mortician cover)

God Damn Brewery – Penicuik

Guitarist Ross Blaikie tells me this was their first gig in about two years and with a new drummer, he thought it seemed to go down well with the crowd and they are going to start getting more gigs sorted out soon!  I can tell you if this was their first gig in two years then it bodes well for the future with a short but powerful 5 song set. The band were on fire for the whole set with singer Squee in your face like a metal madman, Ross on guitar giving it big licks, drummer Billy pounding away looking like an old hand with the band, our bassist looks surprisingly like Brutal B minus from openers Neonatal Death. There must be something in the water in Penicuik that is producing these Pantera-inspired bands with their heavy guitar riffing, smashing drums and hard in your face vocals. GDB are a band worth going to see if you like your metal hard and in your face. Check these lot out at a venue near you.


  • Guitarist: Ross Blaike
  • Drummer: Billy ‘Wild Bill’ Livingston
  • Vocals: Bob Neil Mathers ‘Squee’
  • Bass: Brutal B minus from openers Neonatal Death


  • Calloway Sledgehammer
  • Whisky Company
  • Machete Den
  • 45 Beers
  • Bar Brawl Texacano

Edgeville Hellride – Penicuik

A band I have had the pleasure of seeing many a time now and they are always good to watch and listen to live. The band kick off with heavy riffer “Malevolence” with its nod to Lamb of God/Sepultura, swiftly followed by “Dead in the Grain” and “Total Control” which leads onto one of my favourites “Centurion” with its doom ridden riffs – think Pantera meets Ozzy Sabbath. The band play “Masks” and end with “Captain Cuervo”. Matt has a great hard edge to his voice and the boys Neil & Adam are always bouncing off each other with obvious enjoyment. Billy keeps the bass rhythm going in style backed up by that nutter on drums Andy who is always a joy to watch. The band are always playing somewhere and are a very tight, heavy fuelled unit. If you have not checked them out yet, why not!!! Edgeville Hellride always at a venue near you.


  • Matt Liddiard-Vocals
  • Neil Mathers-Guitar
  • Adam Poustie-Guitar
  • Billy Livingstone-Bass
  • Andy Buchanan-Drums


  • Malevolence
  • Dead in the grain
  • Total control
  • Centurion
  • Masks
  • Captain Cuervo

Disposable – Edinburgh

A band I have never seen before, bouncing onto stage dreadlocks flying about the whole set. The bands setlist is drawn from last year’s well received debut album At the Foot of the World which comes across really well live. Starting with Slayer riff-laden “Disposable” with William’s strong vocals coming across well, the band never stand still. Just don’t get near those lethal flying dreadlocks! The band launch into “Addiction”, again another riff-ridden thrash tune, the drums on the “Void” stand out as they pound away behind a heavy tune that would stand up against most of the old school thrash bands, possibly my fave off the album. The band continue to go up in my estimate with “Leave This Place” and “Into the Water” which has a very mature intro leading into a nice heavy riffing track. The all too short set ends with “Now it Ends”, also the last track on the album. For a young band they have a very mature old school thrash sound. I keep going back to thinking about Slayer when listening to them live and the album, which is not a bad thing by any means. I will definitely be catching this band again – as should you all, and pick up a copy of the album. Wish I had picked up a t-shirt now!!


  • William Robertson – Vocals/Bass
  • Andrew Anderson – Guitarist
  • Jack Batcharj – Guitarist
  • Liam Tucker – Drums


  • Disposable
  • Addiction
  • Void
  • Leave this place
  • Into the water
  • Now it ends
Lucifers Corpus – Edinburgh

Formed last year with their debut EP out January 2015. Young band with Matt from Edgeville Hellride on vocals.

Starting off with “Five Reasons”, a heavy doom riff laden track with Matt screaming at the room in his own inimitable style. Steve lays down some nice heavy riffs and Fraser pounds away on bass like Geezer Butler on speed, not forgetting Bud pounding away in the background. Up next, possibly my fave of the setlist, “Provocation” – probably due to the guitar work creating a great rhythm in the track not unlike early Sabbath. Again, Bud laying into that bass with gusto, Matt is very much an in your face frontman and rarely is away from the front of the stage singing /headbanging. The track “United by Hate” is very much a hard fast paced 2 minute thrash tune, the band have a range of moods with their tracks in that no two are the same as such. The band shoot through “Stranded in Hell” and “Losing Grip” before ending with “Left to Decay” with Matt possibly at his most guttural amongst the crunching riffs. A slightly different style to Matt’s other band but no less a band for that, and one that I will catch live again.


  • Matt – Vocals (Also vocals in Edgeville Hellride)
  • Fraser – Bass
  • Steve – Guitars
  • Bud – Drums-Vocals


  • Five Reasons
  • Provocation
  • United by Hate
  • Stranded in Hell
  • Losing  Grip
  • Left to Decay

Gareeda – Edinburgh

A not unwelcome last minute replacement for Bacchus Baracus who had to pull out of the show. I love Gareeda having seen them several times now, with their infectious stoner/rock/metal/blues sound and all three do vocals from time to time. Check out the video for “Locust Man” with Michael on vocals. It’s from the new album Leatherhead due out on Oct 5th. This is Queens of the Stone Age x 10 and deserves to be a massive hit. I find it hard not to play the aforementioned video all the time – it just has a great hook and Michael’s vocals are sublime. It gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it… but I digress, on with the show!

The band launch into “Golden Hoarde” with their usual combined gusto. They have a sound totally unlike the other bands today with the different vocal ranges and Stu’s guitar playing which just has to be heard. Along with Toni’s vocal and Michael’s pounding rhythms, your foot goes first then your head cannot help but start to nod along. They launch into “Last Orders” next, from the In Blood album, with its heavy riffing intro, again their combined vocals seem to define their heavy/stoner, blues infused sound which makes them a band to really listen to. Another follows, the first track from In Blood, the heavy “Arkham Vale”, followed by “Colony” which leads me onto “Locust Man” from forthcoming new album Leatherhead – live is where it comes alive. It is here that Michael really comes of age and the harmonies of both Stu and Toni are just the icing on this track, never mind Toni’s subtle bass rhythms and Stu’s amazing guitar on it. I for one will be getting the album on day of release just to hear what else is on this forthcoming opus. Next up, another crunching track in the form of “Rats in the Walls”, closely followed by “Crotch of Hell” from 2012’s self titled album with its driving drum intro and guitar driven rhythm. The band end with one more, the opening track from the same album, “Let Me Kill One More” with the hook line of “Just let me kill one more, then you’ll know I’m all yours”. An all too short set ends of a band who, if the new album follows on from “Locust Man”, are set for big things.


  • Stu Gordon – Guitar/Vocals
  • Toni Martone – Bass/Vocals
  • Michael Branagh – Drums/Vocals


  • Golden Hoarde
  • Last Orders
  • Arkham Vale
  • Colony
  • Locust Man
  • Rats in the Walls
  • Crotch of Hell
  • Let Me Kill One More Time

Torn Face – Edinburgh

Next up are Torn Face and another change in pace with the gruff vocals from Callis very evident in this band’s hard hitting sound. They describe themselves as thrash/stoner metal and that pretty much sums them up as they launch into “Watchers”, then the hard guttural “Buried Alive” followed by “Human Conditions” with its Sabbath riffs mixed with the hard vocals from Callis. Then onto “Mountain”, “Over the Eight” and end another short set with “No Man’s Land”. A hard, heavy band with elements of Sabbath, Testament etc. A pleasant mix of heavy styles which work very well and those of you who like your metal hard n’ heavy should catch this band when you can.


  • Callis – Vocals
  • Luke – Guitar/Vocals
  • Jamie – Guitar
  • Steve – Bass
  • Bud – Drums/Vocals


  • Watchers
  • Buried Alive
  • Human Conditions
  • Mountain
  • Over the Eight
  • No Man’s Land

Tommy Concrete and the Werewolves – Edinburgh

And yet another change in style! Tommy & Co are firmly rooted in the old school metal of Priest/Motorhead etc, but with a style all their own. The Ringmaster Tommy Concrete (ex Exploited, Man of the Hour, Shitball to name but a few) is, I would say, not unlike Lemmy but on lead guitar. The drummer is Michael (ex Chicane, Degrassi & current Gareeda drummer/singer), bass is George (ex Inversus, Substate – I have a demo of their’s somewhere – and Eratta). These guys have been round the block with bands, I have seen them numerous times now and to say they keep getting better would be an understatement.

The band launch into “Beyond the Secret Island”. With Tommy’s heavy riffing intro, the track is an aural assault on the senses alongside George’s thumping bass and Michael’s drumming. They launch into “Fucked by Werewolves” from last year’s album This Can’t Get Any Worse, with its fast paced opening salvo which continues all the way through. How Michael kept up the pace on drums after playing with Gareeda I don’t know. Another from last year’s fantastic opus is the thumping “Clarity of Insanity” with its old school metal sound, swiftly followed by faster “Transmogrify” which just has your head going with the hypnotic rhythm. The next track “Werewolf Justice”, again from last year’s opus, is a brutal assault on the senses with the bass very evident. The band has a way of singing the track titles which fits in nicely with every track as the bass kicks in with savage aplomb towards the end. The next track “Wolflord has no Mercy” is from one of Tommy’s older releases Banished From the Mages Guild released in 2006. This is a bit heavier with a doom ridden tone brought a bit more up to date. The killer “Consumed by Burrowing Mites” is up next again another bass/drum thumping assault as only they can deliver. The subtle “Your Dads a Cunt” is up next at 52 secs, another face paced track which always gets me smiling. A cut-short set ends with probably my favourite track of theirs “Time of the Lunatics”, followed by the most intense instrumental section. All too soon they are done, so good, go see them!!!!


  • Tommy Concrete – Guitar/Vocals
  • George Nisbet – Bass
  • Michael Brannagh – Drums


  • Beyond the secret island
  • Fucked by Werewolves
  • Clarity of Insanity
  • Transmorgrify
  • Werewolf Justice
  • Wolflord has no Mercy
  • Consumed by Burrowing mites
  • Your dads a cunt
  • Time of the Lunatics

Blackened Ritual – Perth

Hailing from Perth and citing their influences as “anything thrashy with a good groove to it” Blackened Ritual’s self titled debut is now out and the band’s set is all from their debut opus. They launch into the brutal “Bringer of Death”, not unlike Lamb of God meets Slayer, closely followed by “Ragnarok” with its heavy guitar intro and a groove all the way through the track. This leads into “World at War” possibly my favourite from their set. I can’t really place who they sound like, but there is some tasty guitar on the go though. They have a lot in common with some of the bands on the bill tonight – full of energy, pent up angst thrash metal. Up next “Time to Run” with a nice guitar lead intro, and the explosion in true thrash style as the track starts has a vaguely Anthrax feels to it. “Reap What You Sow” has all the hallmarks of a classic thrash track from the Anthrax era. Lastly “Eradication of the Human Disease”, again more quality thrash in the vain of Anthrax/Pantera. These guys can play, and so ends another short but enjoyable set. I have not seen these guys before but will definitely be looking them up again. Album up on iTunes now, check it out.


  • Andy Muller – Guitar
  • David Francis – Drums
  • Andrew Clowry – Bass
  • Tom Simpson- Vocals
  • Allan Chatila – Guitar


  • Bringer of Death
  • Ragnarok
  • World at War
  • Time to Run
  • Reap What You Sow
  • Eradication of the Human Disease

Dog Tired – Penicuik

Last but by no means least on this 10th Bobfest are the headliners and home team Dog Tired. The majority of the set comes from 2013’s Titan album, which is up on Spotify – so do yourselves a favour and check it out. The boys open with “The Digital Plague”, a huge guitar intro not unlike a heavy Zack Wilde meets Sabbath and then Chris opens up those heavy vocals and we are into Lamb of God Territory. A fantastic heavy hitter of an opener. Up next is “God Disease” which would be well at home on a Sepultura album from the opening riffs to Chris’s heavy, guttural vocals. I loved this track (check out the official video, which has a slightly extended intro in the form of “Chthonic”, the album lead in). Another heavy hitter in the form of “Deverium”, which leads us nicely into “Iron Sky” another Lamb of God/Sepultura cross. This followed by new track “Outpost 31” which keeps the Dog Tired machine marching on nicely. The band head in to, as they call it, a Dead Head medley of “The Ride”, “Drag It Through The Swamp” and “Ain’t Got The Time”. Next up “Mad Jack”, another guitar riff laden intro of heaviness, another fave of mine with the way the track bounces with the guitars and the main man’s vocals. A real foot stomping headbanger of a song. The set end all too soon with a faintly Maiden-esque “Impact” again from Titan. Think Maiden meets Lamb of God. Metal at its best and a fantastic way to end an absolutely fabulous metal fest of a day.


  • Chris Thomson – Vocals
  • Luke James – Guitar
  • Keef Blaikie – Drums
  • Barry Buchanan – Bass


  • The Digital Plague
  • God Disease
  • Deverium
  • Iron Sky
  • Outpost 31 (new)
  • Dead Head Medley : The ride / Drag It Through The Swamp / Ain’t Got The Time
  • Mad Jack
  • Impact



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