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Wovenwar, As Lions, Lets Play God- King Tuts 31/05/15


King Tuts is a venue that I’ve actually never visited before. Maybe it’s due to there not being any gigs that fall within my listening range being played there, which is a shame actually. It’s quite a nice little venue with a cafe/bar in the basement of the venue as you enter. Anyway, enough about the venue and onto the gig.

Lets Play God- 31/05/15First up on the stage was Lets Play God. Having never heard of them before, and only finding out that they were playing support on arrival at the venue, I was intrigued as to how they would compare to the other two bands. Playing a combination of metal and rock ‘n’ roll, the band delivered a good set with members of the audience nodding along to the songs and generally enjoying themselves. At points during the set, the vocalist decided to come down onto the barrier and say hi to the crowd whilst singing. This was a nice touch as the crowd then suitably responded with more vigour. It’s safe to say that I will be checking these guys out in the future.

As Lions- 31/05/15Up next on stage was As Lions. Having only one track out, I was suitably interested as to what other songs they would play as well as this. I can only assume that the tracks they played were from their upcoming EP. If so, they sounded very good with some really awesome vocal melodies. Then again, that’s expected when your dad is Bruce Dickinson. Yes that’s right, the bands singer is the son of Iron Maidens singer. Quite something. Anyway, the band delivered a superb set, with the audience singing along to certain songs and generally having a good time. I’d advise anyone that’s a fan of modern metal with clean vocals to check this band out.

Wovenwar- 31/05/31Onto the final band, Wovenwar. Prior to the gig, I had the opportunity to chat to Jordan Mancino (Drums) from Wovenwar. That should be on the site within the next few weeks. He mentioned that the band would be playing every song from their album aside from 2. If memory serves me correctly, they were Father/Son and Onward. Aside from those two, they played the entire album in a mixed order. A few members of the crowd sang along in parts along with quite a few folk either nodding or head-banging along to the music. Playing a mixture of hard rock and modern metal, the band delivered a killer set and performance. It’s probably worth noting that they were loud. Really loud. Like shaking the floor and whole room loud. It’s safe to say that it was the loudest gig I’ve been to in a while.

In short, this was a suitably fun gig with three really good bands. I look forward to seeing and/or hearing more from these bands soon. Be that in recorded form, or in concert.

Lets Play God: facebook | twitterbigcartel

As Lions: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | soundcloud

Wovenwar: [wovenwar]

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