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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Review: Incineration Fest (9th May 2015)

Incineration Fest 2015AoifeWoland are the first band on stage at the Electric Ballroom, and although a lot of people are still getting tickets, a few people are at the venue, and Woland still manage to get the crowd head-banging. They may be slightly new on the scene (only forming back in 2010), but are definitely worth the watch, expect big things from these guys.

After Woland, it’s a quick dash to a crowded hot venue at the Black Heart to see Foetal Juice, who have the crowd head-banging with a load of mosh-pits going despite the intense heat. With songs like “Service Station Masturbation” which whips the crowd into a frenzy, one of the most energetic bands to see live.

Keep of Kalessin are on stage at the Electric Ballroom at 3:45, who again don’t fail to get the crowd singing along, and getting the crowd involved with fist pumps and of course the horns, another great one by the Nords.

One of the biggest bands to date are then on the stage at the Electric Ballroom, the Swedish band Shining, with songs such as “The God Below” and “Vilja & Dröm” which cause the crowd to go wild. Although Niklas Kvarforth did not get up to his usual shenanigans, the band still do not cease to entertain.

Straight after Shining is God Seed, also at the Electric Ballroom, the frontman Gaahl, who comes out (a little behind schedule) in the Gorgoroth corpse paint. The band do not fail to entertain, with a Gorgoroth cover of “Sign of an Open Eye” and “From the Running of Blood”, get the crowd going. Once again God Seed are living up to their name.

Then it’s a quick dash to the Underworld to see Necrophobic, who get the crowd singing and moshing to songs such as “Furfur” and “Revelations 666”. The front-man Anders does not fail to get the crowd involved with the use of fist bumps, and towards the end things get even crazier with mosh-pits, another great band who were definitely a highlight of this year’s Incineration Fest.

As this year’s Incineration Fest comes to an end, we can only hope that there will be one next year, which will be just as good as this years.

Interviews from a handful of the bands coming soon!

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