Alunah, Isak, Solar Suns – Bannermans Edinburgh (16/05/15)

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It’s not often that I’ll travel to a gig outside of Glasgow. That’s mainly due to there being so many good ones in Glasgow that I’m spoilt for choice. So you may be wondering why I travelled to Edinburgh for this gig. The answer is simple. I wanted to see Alunah again after having really enjoyed their Glasgow gig. Before the gig like last time, I had the chance to chat to Sophie and Dan from Alunah. That will be up within the next few days.

Photo by James Costin ©
Photo by James Costin ©

The first band on stage was Solar Suns. Having spoke with their bassist and drummer during Alunah’s soundcheck, I was quite looking forward to hearing them from what they told me about their band. Classifying themselves as ‘Progressive Heavy Rock’, they played exactly that pretty much. Duel vocals with some superior drumming and guitar work left me feeling suitably fired up and ready for the next band. They’ve sadly not got any recorded material yet, but they will be recording an EP soon and I highly encourage you to check it out.

Photo by James Costin ©
Photo by James Costin ©

Next up was Isak. Having been confused by them last time, I was happy to give them another listen. It’s safe to say that I enjoyed them more this time as they stayed in one general area instead of varying like last time. Playing some good old Stoner rock suitably fired the crowd up and the band played off this giving a stellar performance. If I recall correctly, they have an EP available which I also encourage you to listen to if you are a fan of this sort of music.

Photo by James Costin ©
Photo by James Costin ©

Onto the headliners, Alunah. Having seen them before like Isak, I kind of knew what I was expecting. Heavy grooving riffs, heavily distorted guitars and bass and a flowing melodic vocal line. Having a set composed of songs from across all three albums along with a brand new one proved for an enjoyable set and watch. Like last time, Sophie thanked everyone for coming to listen and dedicated a few songs to some members of the audience and one to BB King and Terry Jones. It’s safe to say that they enjoyed themselves as did the crowd, with several people headbanging along and really getting into the music. That might have been due to having a few many beers, but we’ll say that it was the awesome music.

In short, the night was a bit different to what I’d normally be at. That didn’t stop me from enjoying it and all the bands from delivering good performances with a good stage sound. If you’ve never heard of any of these bands before, like last time I advise you check them out. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see any of them at a festival in the future. Particularly Alunah, but I’ll leave that to the band to announce.

Alunah: official | facebook | twitter

Isak: facebook | bandcamp

Solar Suns: facebook

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May 22, 2015 3:26 PM

[…] a week ago, I had the opportunity to chat with Dan and Sophie from Alunah once again before their show at the Bannermans in Edinburgh. Despite things running a little late, they both happily answered my questions and we had a good […]