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Wolf / Primitai – Audio, Glasgow (6th Feb 2015)

Photo by James Costin

Photo by James Costin

JimWolf are a band which I’ve only just recently had the pleasure of discovering. Having listened to their track “Shark Attack” off the new album Devil Seed, I was instantly hooked and was looking forward to this gig.

Fast forward to 2 days before the concert. I’d completely forgotten about the gig until our photographer, Lara, posted something on Facebook. It was then that I remembered and Mosh got in contact. Things then started to come together and I ended up interviewing Anders and Simon from Wolf a few hours beforehand.

Primitai setlist - work a click for the full size version!

Primitai setlist – work a click for the full size version!

Due to there being no local support band, the doors were open a good hour before the first band actually came on. This meant that the bands had a wee bit of standing around to do, but fans coming over and saying “hi” to them broke that up.

First up on stage were Primitai. Having never heard of them before, I was in for a treat according to someone who’d seen them before. Wow. That’s the only word I can think of to describe them. They were absolutely amazing. They also appeared to be having fun on stage, with the front man leaping around the stage and hopping onto the front barrier. Their final song of their set, “Scream When You See Us” had the entire venue singing along with them. I’m certain they gained a few new fans that night; they certainly gained one with me!

Primitai Setlist Audio, Glasgow, Scotland 2015
Photo by James Costin

Photo by James Costin

Onto the headliners of the night, who had a lot to live up to after Primitai blew everyone away. Opening with the single from their new album, “Shark Attack”, they immediately got into pummelling everyone with their brand of heavy metal. They had a few issues with Niklas’ (Guitar/Vocals) mic being a little to loud and causing feedback in parts, this was rectified fully by about half way into the set. By that point, most of people in the room didn’t care and were happily singing along, with Niklas being impressed and continually thanking us. He made a joke about them ‘getting old’ and the fact that Anders (Bass) and Simon(Guitar) had ‘back issues’ and he had a cold. That didn’t stop them from delivering a killer setlist and performance, with Anders even coming down into the crowd for most of one song to say hi to everyone.

Once the concert had finished, both bands stayed behind and signed everyone’s stuff and took pictures with people instead of running away to the van. This showed that they really care about their fans, and it’s evident that the fans care about them. The only other band that I know that does that is Cannibal Corpse. [Finding quite a few bands that do this now and it’s good to see – Dragonforce, Suburban Legends, Heart of a Coward and Patent Pending all did this on recent tours – Mosh]

In short, this concert was nothing short of incredible with both bands providing superb quality performances. If either of them are coming back to Glasgow in the future, go and see them. You will not be disappointed.

Wolf Setlist Audio, Glasgow, Scotland 2015, Devil Seed

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