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Centiment / Brutai – Audio, Glasgow

Brutai live GlasgowSeanIt feels like it’s been a while since the last gig I went to so when Mosh asked me if I fancied checking this one I thought “why not?”, especially since I’ve had a reduction in working hours this week (including having the day of the gig off) I figured I might as well use some of the free time to get out of the flat and enjoy myself after some much-needed battery recharging.

This gig has proved to be a first in that it’s a joint effort with my friend, and new Moshville recruit James. I’d met him prior to the gig to support him with interviewing Brutai as it was his first interview (check it out if you haven’t already!) then we headed inside to see the show.

With the tour being named the “Retro Gamer Tour”, it was cool to see a pair of Sega Megadrives set up by the bands sitting at the merch stand with the choice of either playing some classic Sonic the Hedgehog or Street Fighter. This proved to be a pretty cool touch with some of the attendees having a shot before the show.

Soon after picking a spot in the room Brutai hit the stage. The set was surprisingly short. At the end of it I did think “is this it?” but still, though the set was short it was certainly sweet. Brutai played their unique brand of what they describe as “progressive metalcore” in thunderous fashion with crushingly heavy guitars, tight rhythms all-round backed up with atmospheric synths. A highlight of their set was definitely “Relapse”, a song which they recently made a video for. The song showcases a lot of elements which make up the Brutai sound – tight, pounding rhythms, jarring chords, soaring harmonised clean vocals and more. Brutai’s set was definitely enjoyable however it’s a shame that a) it didn’t last very long (or at least it didn’t feel like it lasted long), and b) there wasn’t much of a crowd.

I reckon that if there were more than just a handful of people there to see the show, I’d have much more to say. Seriously folks, check Brutai out – they’ve got some top quality modern metal and deserve to pick up some more fans. Hopefully next time they’ll come around there’ll be a bigger crowd and a longer set.

Centiment live GlasgowNext up were headliners Centiment. They certainly proved to be a little more festive in that their frontman appeared onstage for the first few songs sporting a woolly Xmas jumper. Fair play to the man, it has been chilly baltic in Glasgow for the past fortnight or so. Centiment certainly brought a unique sound to Audio. It’s certainly nothing I’ve never heard before. There’s the mix of the aforementioned retro videogame electronics serving as a variety of intros, outros and background pieces behind some top notch modern tech metal.

Like Brutai, Centiment made use of extremely tight rhythms and soaring clean vocals, definitely more so instead of the mix of clean and aggressive utilised by Brutai. Centiment never let up on the entertainment factor despite the small audience, with the frontman dropping in some jokes between songs and expertly handling a technical error near the end of their set in humourous fashion. Again like Brutai, Centiment were a very enjoyable band however they suffered from the same small crowd (a few bodies had joined since Brutai but not much) who I suspect, much like myself, weren’t very familiar with the band.

Again I’d definitely recommend them so check them out, people. Hopefully next time round for both bands there’ll be a much bigger crowd giving off more energy in the room. I feel the lack of an audience was rather detrimental to the show in that there wasn’t much energy or much of an atmosphere. It’s a shame it made the show a bit lacklustre because both bands showcased some quality and original modern metal that came across great live on the stage.

Come on folks, check them out – both Centiment and Brutai deserve your attention!

Centiment: facebook | twitterbandcamp | youtube

Brutai: facebook | twitterbandcamp | soundcloud

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