Kunt and the Gang, Edinburgh City Café

Kunt (Nike)
Kunt (Nike) (Photo credit: Iain Purdie)

Not strictly a rock/metal act… actually, not rock or metal at all in honesty, but I don’t care because he’s funny as fuck and deserves a quick review.

I’d heard of Kunt some time ago and first caught him at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2011. I liked his show so much I even bought a t-shirt, which I wasn’t able to wear again until tonight due to the fact that we have children who can read. That’s it to the right.

Now, Kunt, despite the name is a really nice guy. For instance, his gig in Colchester on Thursday 21st will be in aid of the Philippines disaster. All his door takings will be sent to the DEC for disaster relief. A nice gesture for a man who’s making money from singing songs about paedophiles and the multi-use purposes of one’s anus.

Because so many of the crowd arrived early, Kunt ran a little competition with one of his newer shirts as a prize. Using a series of poems of clues, the competitors (erm… me and another guy) had to Name The Celebrity Paedo.

I won.

I’m not sure whether I’m proud of this or not. But what the hell, I got a free shirt.

We paid a fiver for the tickets, I think, and in exchange we got almost two hours entertainment from a man in a boilersuit who sweated more than Gary Glitter in Mothercare. Off-colour songs, tasteless jokes, silly dances, blow-up dolls, advice on how to wipe quickly during the mid-set break…

If you like your humour so low that the gutter can barely be seen in the darkness above you then I doubt you’ll find better value for your entry fee. Hell, the upcoming Cambridge show is only three quid.

Full details and all his albums, shirts and so on are available via his website.

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