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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Death – The Academy, Dublin


Obscura (Photo credit: Michal Kratochvil)

Not me reviewing this (I wish – last time I saw Death was about twenty years ago at Bradford Rios and the mighty Chuck Schuldiner [R.I.P.] was still fronting them), but a friend of mine Michal Kratochvil. He popped the following up on facebook and I just had to share it with you folks.

Many thanks Michal for letting me repost it!

What a stunning evening! Been stopped by some missionary student muppets from USA who tried to convince me to find a god, asked me if I’m happy and so on… After clarifying that I’m doing great, they wanted to pray for me anyway to tell god to show up for me and I’ve been blessed.

They seemed not to believe me that I’m happy once I told them that I’m going for a death metal gig later on…

But fair enough, their prayers have been heard and gods have showed up to me and blessed me with the best death metal ever!

Darkrise started the whole evening in style and they have been great support, though still playing for the empty club…


Death (Photo credit: Michal Kratochvil)

Obscura then proved that they jumped up into the first league very quickly and to be honest, I’m not sure if you would find a better technical death metal band nowadays. Their set have been just brilliant and they will definitely be in my playlist for a while. But it still was not enough cause what was coming next was the best death metal gig I’ve ever seen… And I’ve seen quite a lot. Honestly!

Death were just simply phenomenal. They’re all masters of their instruments and they’re proving it with every note they play. Watching Steve DiGiorgio doing magic on his fretless 6 and 3 string basses is an experience from another world. Chuck was also remembered by psychedelic video clips and photos.

Death were presenting one death metal hymn after another and those riffs are just making me hard! To be honest, I’m still wet even in the bus on the way home. Words just can’t describe the experience… I’ve at least tried.

Death Setlist The Academy, Dublin, Ireland 2013

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