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Eviscerated Panda: Back in Bamboo

Eviscerated Panda - Back in Bamboo

Eviscerated Panda – Back in Bamboo

The Pandas are back! Again, courtesy of author Sarah Tipper, I had a chance to delve into the world of up-and-coming (sadly fictional) thrashers Eviscerated Panda. This is the sequel (and second on a possible trilogy of HGTTG-comparable length) to A Metal Tale which I reviewed a couple of months ago.

This second instalment picks up exactly where the first left off. One couple pregnant, and most of the group all loved up; the band fizzing gently in the underground scene; a bit of inter-friend claws starting to show.

The writing style is also similar and, again, this is my one quibble with it. The angle this time is definitely more sexual and relationship-based. This isn’t a bad thing if this is your kind of book – I hate to be stereotypical, but I’d label it “chick-lit“- but it’s not quite mine.

However, that didn’t stop it being an interesting read. I particularly like Phil’s drive to make the Pandas more successful than his previous band while trying to ignore his own ageing, and the fact that they encounter one another around halfway through. He definitely becomes a more interesting character this time around. Likewise the band’s visit to Torquay and the associated issues with Sally and Ian… I won’t say more in case I spoil a plot-line!

One or two sections could do with a trim back, usually as there are so many characters involved in a situation that it’s easy to lose track if your brain is fading. Like mine. And once or twice, some of the text dissolves into a list (such as the “stripper song” game) rather than descriptive prose.

Big bonus – page numbers in this book, which were missing in the first volume. So much easier to log my progress on Goodreads :)

I’m being deliberately picky as I know Sarah’s happy with feedback and I am genuinely interested in reading the continuing adventures of the Pandas. I also want as many other people as possible to enjoy them and tell their friends to get a copy!

Talking of which, you can get both printed and e-book copies from Amazon. Just follow those links :)

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