Album Review: Mudness – Mudness

Formed officially in 2019 in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, doom/stoner trio Mudness has released their debut self-titled album this July. Having 7 songs and a bit over 35 minutes, it achieves all that it sets put to achieve, but doesn’t reinvent the wheel.

The album is chock-full of fried guitar, and slow, dragged-out sections. In general, Mudness’ self-titled has a more traditional stoner/doom sound, but with more modern production. Lead by frontman and guitarist Renan Casarin (also of WeeDevil), the band’s sound is definitely very well organized and objective.

The guitar parts in the album are basically what you could expect from a stoner metal album, dragged out, almost hypnotic riffs, with a fried, sludgy tone. The vocals on the other hand, happen to be quite surprising, as they are quite well sung, managing to break through the fuzzy wall of guitar and bass quite well.

In relation to drums, this album takes kind of a less is more approach. The choice to not complicate the drums works quite well for the band, as it adds to the simple and appropriately muddy nature of the whole album. Basslines are also surprisingly prominent, acting as a glue, holding everything together.

Basically, Mudness’ self-titled album is an incredible journey, having simple drums. Slow riffs and thick basslines. It is quite hard to not enjoy this album, as it keeps itself simple by nature. Due to the excessively distorted guitars, it may seem quite intimidating and inaccessible to those who aren’t that into stoner metal, but in general, there is little to complain in regards to this release.

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Mudness is out now

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