Album Review: 3TEETH – EndEx

LA’s standard bearers for the modern industrial sound 3TEETH return with new album EndEx.

Post apocalyptic opener “Xenogenesis” is slow and purposeful, laden with atmospherics and chugging riffs that swirl through the ear canals, before the had hard hitting “Acme Death Machine” comes crashing through a wave of nostalgia worthy of mid 00’s horror soundtrack.

Anthemic “Slum Planet” is the the absolute gem of this album as it contains an absolute plethora of  elements that when combined all take aim at the ills of a sick globe obsessed with over-consumption at all costs make for something that immediately has to be but pack on repeat again.

This is then followed by the powerful “What’s Left” which leads into the heart pounding “Merchant of the Void” which could easily slot onto any NIN album past or future.

“Higher Than Death” is embedded with some great harmonies whilst “AL13EN” throws out futuristic elements under a Prodigy umbrella.

“Plutonomicon” ominous presence is well placed and balanced tempo wise before leading into the albums first guest slot as “Paralyze” features Ho99o9 so features some nice crossover hip-hop elements.

Lead single “Scorpion” comes in with an air of ambition complimented with a very cinematic video the vision of director Vicente Cordero and 3TEETH frontman and creative lead, Alexis Mincolla.

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Mincolla comments:

“The scorpion symbolizes the challenge to confront and integrate those parts of ourselves that we repress, ignore, or fear. It invites a descent into the depths of the personal and collective unconscious. Its venom is the entropic catalyst for the dissolution of old, rigid structures of the psyche, making room for rebirth. To acknowledge and embrace the scorpion is to accept the necessity of change.”

“Drift” nicely mellows the mood before EndEx concludes with a cover of the Tears For Fears track “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” which I predict will be played out to smoked filled gothic dance floors imminently.

A great showcase of apocalyptic, incendiary industrial-metal.

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EndEx is released on 22nd September

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