EP Review: Zebrahead – II

A band who have been around for ages, but who I’ve really only just started to get into, Zebrahead are back with their follow-up to 2020 EP III. I assume something big happens when we reach I in another couple of years time. In the meantime… wow. The countdown is a fun journey.

Five tracks of hard-hitting, adrenaline-fueled pop-punk are lined up for your enjoyment. I appreciate that Zebrahead have been a little hard to pigeonhole over the years, but the biggest influence I’m hearing throughout II is probably Sum-41 (who Zebrahead actually pre-date by maybe 5 years if you look at album/EP releases). Take that any way you will, it’s no bad think from my perspective and this little collection has had a fair few review listens!

In terms of tempo, there’s no real difference. No ballads or sneaky extreme metal songs on this tracklist, it’s all frantic singalong bounce with a nice rough edge. From “No Tomorrow” to “F.L.F.U”, each song just races along and demands that you lope around the kitchen using a wooden spoon as a combined microphone and guitar. I will not confirm whether or not I did this, and so long as there is no video footage I’m leaving the matter right there.

II isn’t complex, or deep, or world-changing. It’s simply just bloody good fun, balls-out mental and demands to be listened to repeatedly.

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II is out on February 3rd

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