Album Review: Autopsy – Morbidity Triumphant

Death metal legends Autopsy make their long awaited full length return with eighth studio album Morbidity Triumphant.

No lingering intros needed as the aptly named title track “Stab The Brain” just does as advertised and it feels no time has passed since 2017’s EP Puncturing The Grotesque. Early highlight track appears in the form of “Final Frost” slow swirling guitars building into unbridled fury – strap me down for some more of this please!

The pace falls into a bit of a groove with “The Voracious One” which has a great riff, before the slow, menacing start of “Born In Blood” makes way for death metal madness once more.

This album is strewn with instantly catchy hooks embedded in murderous intentions. Another example of this is “Flesh Strewn Temple” and its follow-up “Tapestry Of Scars”. If there was an award for most full on blade swinging it would undoubtedly go to “Knife Slice, Axe Chop” without any other nominees getting a look in, especially when the doom-laden element makes a brief cameo. A stand-out track has to be “Skin By Skin”, it encapsulates the terror of this album perfectly.

Another sadistic attack is lined up with “Maggots In The Mirror”. I can hear the circle pit calling with this one, whereas “Slaughter Of Souls” will allow you to rest… but just be cautious. Finally “Your Eyes Will Turn To Dust” is almost a warning of sorts as if to imply if there were any more more tracks that this would happen. Very much in keeping with the rest of the album and a great way to end proceedings.

An absolute feast of afflictions.

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Morbidity Triumphant  is out on 30th September

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