Album Review: Municipal Waste – Electrified Brain

Richmond’s hard-charging, thrash metal maniacs Municipal Waste celebrate two decades with the release their seventh studio album, Electrified Brain.

Straight from the moment you hit play, title track “Electrified Brain” makes an immediate impact. It demands you swing your head at an immense speed and as soon as my highlight track “Demoralizer” has ended I am already fully invested in this album. There’s not a moment to catch your breath, one after the other each track individually delivers, barrages of riffs in every one with old school thrash firmly at the core. Still not convinced? You will be by the time “The Bite” has finished taking chunks out you.

Not even halfway through and I feel I no longer need my gym membership. “High Speed Steel” is the perfect antidote to a shockingly bad nights sleep, a great mid section and guitar solos. Please sir, can I have some more? The follow-up track “Thermonuclear Protection” is very well paired indeed.

The level of consistency running through this album is just something to be admired. I did start to think things were beginning to slow down on “Blood Vessel – Boat Jail” and for the majority of the track I felt I was right… but then the band just crank the speed ratchet to 11 and all hell breaks loose and for the remainder of the album it’s a no holds barred all out assault. Final track “Paranormal Janitor” dishes out solos like Hulk smashes, with all the gusto and attitude of the very start of this album.

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There’s an absolute ton of things to take away from this record. Collaborating with Arthur Rizk, taking the time (albeit not exactly through choice) to diversify the band’s sounds and willingness to experiment with structure and, something that was endearing to me at least, finding out that vocalist Tony Foresta worked for the WWE during the pandemic. As a huge wrestling fan since the age of 7 it’s awesome to know that it was a positive experience, and maybe in some way kept the flame ignited ready to do some serious damage with such a heavy but fun album. Fourteen tracks in less than thirty five minutes – wonderful.

Short, swift and perfectly executed.

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Electrified Brain is out now

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July 27, 2022 12:33 AM

[…] up on the release of their critically acclaimed thrash-masterpiece, Electrified Brain [review here – Mosh], Richmond’s hard-charging, metal maniacs Municipal Waste have released an epic […]