Album Review: Slay Duggee – Chinese Dogmocracy

The nutters are back. Not content with corrupting our youth with two previous albums, the furry miscreants return with album number three. Chock full, as were its forebears, with stompingly heavy covers of otherwise child-friendly classics.

Many of you will have caught them live at their all-ages shows, or at Bloodstock (where I absolutely did not do guest vocals for them last year – that was a slanderous deep fake, and I’m “stick”ing to that excuse), so you’ll have an idea of what to expect. If not, beware… I think the biggest mistake is to think that just because these albums are aimed at children from pretty much foetal to forty-plus there is no respite in terms of heaviness. The original material may be all plinky-plunky and sweetness and light, but these renditions are heavy as fu… erm… heavy as flip.

In terms of variety, I think I’m actually preferring Chinese Dogmocracy as I recognise more of the tunes. My children are just a little too old for me to know a lot of the songs from the previous albums, but there are some nice generic ones on here as well as a couple of non-kids’ songs. As well as the previously-released “Round And Round the Garden” (alongside Animal Schoolbus), there’s “Toothbrushing Song”, “I’m Still Standing”, “Spongebob Squarepants” and something called “Happy Birthday” that I gather is quite popular with people of all ages.

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Listening at the moment, I’m really impressed with the mix and the bass. Even though I’m streaming it via Spotify which often does a wonderful job of stripping all the quality out of a decent digital track, my desk is shuddering and I think one of my neighbours may have died.

If you’re after something to turn your little darlings into rampaging metal machines then a) feed them 1kg of Space Dust then b) put this on full tilt. Just don’t send me the bill for damages.

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Chinese Dogmocracy is out now

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