EP Review: Bangover – Close Encounters Of The Thrash Kind

Bangover just sent us a link to their upcoming EP and asking if we’d heard of them. Good grief. After a successful run at the Bloodstock M2tM competition where they put on several superb shows, culminating in an appearance at the festival itself they’ve been on our radar for a while! Oh, and they were Band of the Day in 2019.

So what do they have in store for you on December 17th? Three tracks of rather bonkers thrash metal, that’s what. In their own words, “Two songs about moshing with aliens, and one about moshing with humans”.

The title track riffs on an unsurprising Spielbergian 5-note sequence in a very sci-fi style before launching into something more air guitar friendly. For those who’ve not heard Bangover before, think early Exodus. If that’s your cup of thrash metal tea then this will be perfect for you. Especially if you like your metal in titanic formats, what with the 8-minute running time.

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“Crop Circle Pit” is your crossover track, crossing over as it does from the alien-themed material to “Blood, Sweat and Beers” which happens to also be about circle pits, just these ones based indoors, in pubs. Rather than in fields with gangly-limbed greys.

Musically there’s nothing groundbreaking here, but that’s not what we expect from Bangover. What we expect is fast-paced lunacy that will have your frontal lobes crying for mercy in the morning. And, in three frenetic chunks, this is very much what we have.

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Header image by Drew Scott Photographic

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Close Encounters of the Thrash Kind is out on December 17th (fancy gift pack available now!)

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