Album Review: Promethium – Welcome to the Institution (Anniversary Version)

As I mentioned in the 2021 Review article, we’re busy. Damn busy. Barely time to draw breath busy. As a result, this updated re-release has been sat on my desk in literal CD format for far too long. Partly as I tidied recently and moved it off my desk so… out of sight and all that. Oops.

Anyway, my apologies to the lovely folk in Promethium and here’s what I think of their first (and fifth – kinda) album, Welcome to the Institution. Originally released in 2010, this is a tenth anniversary remix/remaster – along with three songs re-recorded by the band’s 2020 lineup.

I can’t compare to the original release in terms of production as it’s the only album by the band I don’t already own! However, I can say that they’ve nailed it. The whole thing sounds crisp and clear, with some nice thrumming bass throughout. The remixed songs blend perfectly with the three brand new versions as far as recording quality goes. So what you have is fourteen songs – ten remixed, three re-recorded and one (“Son’s Revenge”) remastered.

If you’ve not heard of Promethium before (where have you been?), they’re a hard rock / metal band which I’d place around the Iron Maiden point on the graph in terms of heaviness. Plenty of melody and clean notes around the distortion and headbanging segments. A perfect example of this is the angsty/violent “Nothing” which straddles the two territories perfectly. Clean, emotive vocals and slow guitars give way to a much heavier sound for the angry chorus, then hop back again.

“Murder Inc” is another great track, overall heavier and chuggier with some great shouted / harsh vocals… though I do prefer the 2020 version. It just has that little extra punch.

I’m sure the original version of the album will have been hard to get hold of for a while, and this updated re-release will fill the gap for fans until the upcoming new album is finally revealed!

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