Album Review: Null Cell – Nemesis

When I heard the first single from his album, “Over the Top”, and read the description on the style they went for, I was genuinely excited to hear something heavy, groovy, and electronic. I expected a full album of songs similar in sound to “Counting Bodies Like Sheep” by a perfect circle, “Dragula” by Rob Zombie and “Chaos B.C” by Sepultura – examples of successfully bringing together elements of electronic music and metal. This album, I am sorry to say, didn’t manage to do this.

Nemesis had a few moments of quality, mainly the aggressive guitar and drums and a little bit of a punk singing style in certain songs. Apart from that this didn’t do much for me. There comes a certain point where all metal in the album has disappeared and instead you are bombarded with techno noise. Which is a shame because the times where the guitars kicked in with heavy riffs the songs improved a lot. However even the more guitar-based songs still had this layer of bad sound effects. The singing style had elements of British punk, but it was a bit over the top.

Certain songs such as “Breaking the Code” had some cool elements to them that could have been explored more, but the song is overrun with 80s synthetic keyboard notes which softens up or even minimises the effects of the heavy guitars.

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“Dream Emulator” had a good beat to it and when the guitar kicks in the song really picks up, but the guitar only appears right at the end, which left me a disappointed. Before the guitar riffs came in… sorry, but there wasn’t much to appeal to this reviewer.

I am sorry to say that there wasn’t much that appealed to me on this album. Perhaps it was my idea of what industrial metal was that let me down. My expectation was guitar riff-centred music with elements of electronic/techno influences throughout the background.

With Nemesis those influences take centre stage and I think that is why it isn’t to my taste. There isn’t much I can say to be honest; it just didn’t sit well with me. However, others who have a greater appreciation for industrial metal or even techno/rave music may have a better experience listening to it.

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Nemesis is released on December 31st, 2021

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