Album Review: The Dirty Denims – Raw Denim

Eindhoven rock band The Dirty Denims will release their latest album Raw Denim on December 10th 2021. This is a live album consisting of 15 songs (the vinyl version contains 1 extra bonus track) and celebrates the band’s 15 year anniversary. Since their formation in 2006, The Dirty Denims have performed over 400 shows and have released 2 EPs and 3 albums, but this latest release is something special as it captures the energy of the band’s live shows.

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The tracks were recorded during a live session at POPEI studio in Eindhoven (NL), and represents something the band have been wanting to do for a long time.

We always liked live radio sessions and live bootlegs from our favourite bands, honest live recordings with raw power. A mistake or false note doesn’t matter, as long as the energy is right.

When playing live you only get one or two takes, so what you hear is what we played on that afternoon in Eindhoven. Raw Denim stands for doing what we like best, playing rock n roll, loud fast and dirty.

– The Dirty Denims

Listening to the album I am hard-pressed to notice any mistakes or false notes, and the recording has been very successful in capturing the essence of a live performance. The album features a mixture of live favourites along with songs that the band wanted to give a second chance through a new, more energetic recording. The band’s joy in performing live comes across very strongly, and I am certainly very keen to see them play live. The Dirty Denims are heading out on tour with Swedish band Thundermother in 2022, though unfortunately they won’t be joining them on the UK leg of the tour, so I will have to wait a little longer.


  1. Ready, Steady, Go!
  2. Fit In Stand Out
  3. Dirty Job
  4. Better Believe It
  5. Last Call For Alcohol
  6. Gotta Run
  7. Even When I’m Wrong I’m Right
  8. Going Out
  9. Creatures of the Night
  10. 24-7-365
  11. Roll The Dice
  12. Make Us Look Good
  13. Loud Stuff
  14. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
  15. Famous
  16. Millionaire (vinyl only bonus track)

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Header image photo by Willem Wouterse.

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Raw Denim is released on 10th December.

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